7 Rings of Wealth provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The 7 Rings of Wealth website domain (“7ringsofwealth.com”) was privately registered on February 15th, 2017.

Copy on The 7 Rings of Wealth website references “the Nation”;

To begin earning Patronage Refunds in the 7 Rings of Wealth Crowdfunding project for “The Nation”, simply click on the Signup button and get started today.

The footer of the website also cites “CollaborateUSA, LLC”.

Collaborate USA has a website up over at “collaboratenation.com”. There it’s explained what “the Nation” is;

We choose to govern as a Collaborative Commonwealth, a league, or confederacy of independent persons and businesses (Members), where each individual Member has one voice and one vote, is sovereign and may opt-out without duress or recourse should the Collaborative Commonwealth cease to align with their individual rights and ideals.

That all Members of the Nation shall be Members of Collaborate CoOp, a cooperative association.

That those Members who voluntarily choose to may purchase ownership in Collaborate CoOp by paying a one-time Share Fee of $240 (called a Share Member), and may vote for a Board of Directors of Collaborate CoOp who shall represent the Members in contract and governance.

The Board of Directors shall rotate annually as per the Bylaws of the cooperative association.

Sovereign citizen nuttery. Gotta love it.

Who’s running this particular chapter of sovereign citizens is unclear, but 7 Rings of Wealth is cited as ‘the latest innovation of the popular Collaborative CoOp Community known as “#The Nation.”

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

7 Rings of Wealth Products

7 Rings of Wealth has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market 7 Rings of Wealth affiliate membership itself.

7 Rings of Wealth affiliate membership provides access to sovereign citizen brainwashing presentations webinars covering assets, health, leisure, training, income, crowd and family.

Details of who authored the 7 Rings of Wealth webinars are not provided.

The 7 Rings of Wealth Compensation Plan

7 Rings of Wealth affiliates gift money to each other via a 2×7 matrix.

A 2×7 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:

These two positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

Levels three to seven of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

A 7 Rings of Wealth affiliate signs up and gifts $5 to the affiliate who recruited them.

This payment also provides them with a matrix position, through which they receive two $5 payments from two affiliates recruited into the first level of their matrix.

$5 of this is kept and the other $5 gifted to unlock level 2 of the matrix.

Level 2 of the matrix houses four positions, $5 of which is received from each affiliate placed into it.

In this manner a 7 Rings of Wealth affiliate gifts larger and larger amounts of money at each matrix level as follows:

  • level 1 – gift $5 to the affiliate who recruited you and receive $5 from two subsequently recruited affiliates
  • level 2 – gift $5 and receive $5 from four affiliates
  • level 3 – gift $10 and receive $10 from eight affiliates
  • level 4 – gift $40 and receive $40 from sixteen affiliates
  • level 5 – gift $100 and receive $100 from thirty-two affiliates
  • level 6 – gift $500 and receive $500 from sixty-four affiliates
  • level 7 – gift $2500 and receive $2500 from one hundred and twenty-eight affiliates

7 Rings of Wealth skim $160 from level 4, $300 from level 5 and $5500 from level 6.

Joining 7 Rings of Wealth

7 Rings of Wealth affiliate membership is $5 a month, paid to the affiliate who recruited you..


If you’re doing due diligence into an MLM company and you see anything that resembles sovereign citizen whackery, run.

I unfortunately don’t have that luxury and have to still take the time to break down their nonsense.

Typically when sovereign citizens and MLM cross paths, you get a scam the owners believe they are entitled to run, based on a detachment from the “ebil gubmint”.

7 Rings of Wealth is no different, with the business model a typical example of financial fraud.

7 Rings of Wealth attempt to mask cash gifting by referring to it as crowdfunding.

With our crowdfunding project we are not seeking contributions.

Instead, we are offering an amazing opportunity through developing your own micro-enterprise.

Not seeking contributions? That’s a funny way of describing paying $5 a month gifting payment.

You won’t find “gifting payments” on the 7 Rings of Wealth website though. They refer to them as “patronage refunds”.

To begin earning Patronage Refunds in the 7 Rings of Wealth Crowdfunding project for “The Nation”, simply click on the Signup button and get started today.

The fact of the matter is without gifting “contributions” from recruited affiliates, cash gifting scams like 7 Rings of Wealth collapse.

Nothing is marketed or sold to retail customers, with 100% of the company’s revenue sourced from its affiliates (by way of skimming gifting payments across levels 4 to 6 of the matrix).

As with all gifting schemes, once affiliate recruitment dies down, so too will new funds gifted through the bottom of the 7 Rings of Wealth company-wide matrix.

This will see new affiliates unable to recoup their monthly gifting payment, eventually prompting a collapse.

The monthly $5 gifting fee effectively means each 7 Rings of Wealth affiliate has a month to scam two people, otherwise they start losing money.

Mathematically in order for those running gifting scams to make money, the majority of people they convince to join them have to lose it.