The Zhunrize Receiver has filed his sixteenth and final status report.

A December 19th motion also seeks to close the Zhunrize Receivership and discharge the Receiver.

The Zhunrize Receivership managed to recover $46.5 million. As of August 2018, $41.2 million had been returned to Zhunrize victims.

After distribution to Zhunrize victims, fees expenses and estimated closing costs, $2.7 million remains.

These funds will be remitted to the SEC “pursuant to the Final Judgment as to Defendant Jeff Pan”.

Jeff Pan, Zhunrize’s owner and operator, was hit with a $35.5 million dollar final judgment last month.

Pending granting of the Receiver’s motion, the Zhunrize Receivership will destroy any data collected and close down.

BehindMLM reviewed Zhunrize back in December 2013, correctly identifying it as a Ponzi scheme.

The Receivership closing down will also mark the end of our rolling six-year Zhunrize coverage. Thanks for reading!