Victims of Zeek Rewards looking for some final closure are entitled to be heard at Paul Burks’ sentencing.

Burks, mastermind of the $850 million dollar Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme, is scheduled to be sentenced on February 13th.

The Receiver recently announced that victims with approved claims would receive a minimum of 70% of their losses back. That’s good news on the financial front, but if you’ve got something you want to say to Burks personally then the Receiver is offering to forward victim correspondence to the court.

If a victim would like to have a letter describing the impact that ZeekRewards had on them submitted to the Court please send an email.

In particular, the Court would like to hear about any of the below circumstances:

  • Becoming insolvent;
  • Filing for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code;
  • Suffering substantial loss of a retirement, education, or other savings or investment fund;
  • Making substantial changes to his or her employment, such as postponing his or her retirement plans;
  • Making substantial changes to his or her living arrangements, such as relocating to a less expensive home; and
  • Suffering substantial harm to his or her ability to obtain credit.

Whether victim correspondence will have an impact on Burks’ sentencing is unclear. Still, at the very least putting pen to paper might cathartic for some of Burks’ more devastated victims.

The Receiver is currently accepting correspondence from Zeek Rewards victims and intends to present them to the court on February 13th.


Update February 14th 2017 – Following a lengthy sentencing hearing, Paul Burks has been sentenced to fourteen years and eight months in prison.