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New Zeek Rewards Receiver provides final distribution roadmap

Following Kenneth Bell’s appointment as a District Judge, Matthew Orso has taken over the Zeek Rewards Receivership. In a May 22nd announcement, Orso has provided a roadmap towards final distribution payments.

Zeek Rewards net-winner scammers’ Fourth Circuit appeal denied

In an announcement published earlier this month, the Zeek Rewards Receiver has provided some updates on final distribution payments.

Payza settles $13.1 mill Zeek clawback with consent judgment

Payza, one of the three parties the Zeek Receiver is pursuing over a $13.1 million clawback, has agreed to a consent judgment for the full amount owed.

Zeek Receivership has clawed back 44.2% of net-winner payments

On March 15th the Zeek Receiver filed his Status Report for the fourth quarter of 2018. Among other things, the Receiver revealed 44.2% of net-winner payments have been successfully clawed back.

Trudy Gilmond receives securities ban from SEC

The SEC’s interest in pursuing Trudy Gilmond has come to an end, following acceptance of a tendered settlement offer.

$405,187 recovered from Zeek Rewards net-winners in 3Q, 2018

As revealed in the Zeek Rewards Receiver’s third quarter report for 2018, another $405,187 has been recovered from the Ponzi scheme’s net-winners.

$169 million awarded in Zeek Rewards net-winner judgments

In the recently filed Status Report for the Second Quarter of 2018, the Zeek Receiver has revealed $169 million has been awarded in net-winner judgments.

SEC takes Zeek Receivership to task over excessive billing

In an attempt to dismiss their victims, a cliché trotted out whenever the government steps in and shuts down a scam is that said government will keep most of the money. What scammers don’t realize is that there are checks and balances in place to ensure this doesn’t happen, as evidenced by a recent SEC [Continue reading…]

Oscar H. Brown & Robert Mecham Zeek Rewards settlements pending

For their part in defrauding Zeek Rewards Ponzi victims out of $1.8 million, the Receiver sued USHBB and operators James More, Oscar H. Brown and Robert Mecham in 2015. Default judgement was entered against USHBB ($675,000) and James Moore ($109,130) in 2015. Pending approval from the court, the Receiver has reached a settlement agreement with [Continue reading…]

VictoriaBank’s petition for an appeal rehearing denied

The Zeek Rewards Receivership is one step closer to recovering $13.1 million from VictoriaBank, following the denial of rehearing petition.