In a recent update published on the Zeek Receivership website, the Receiver revealed Zeek Rewards’ net-winners attempted to take their case to the Supreme Court.

Not sure how I’d missed it but this was certainly news to me.

Zeek Rewards’ net-winners are some of the most bitter scammers out there. They’ve been fighting to keep their stolen money for just under eight years, and have been steamrolled over and over again in court.

We last reported on their Fourth Circuit appeal denial in May 2019. It seems after that they decided to approach the Supreme Court.

I don’t have specific details on the net-winner’s Supreme Court writ, but according to the Receiver;

There was a significant delay in the sale that occurred due to an appeal by the net-winners to the United States Supreme Court.

Recently, the United States Supreme Court denied the request of the net-winners to have their appeal heard.

In line with their Traffic Monsoon writ rejection, it seems the Supreme Court has no interest in hearing from Ponzi scammers.

Following the writ denial, the Receivership sold the Zeek Rewards’ net-winners debt to Nationwide Judgement Recovery.

The $10 million sale was proposed back in July 2019, through the affiliated company Big Sky Research.

Outside of the sale there are still around one hundred net-winner judgments to be determined.

For the vast majority of Zeek Rewards net-winners though, they’ll now be dealing with Nationwide.

As I understand it Nationwide can contact net-winners to encourage them to pay up. Beyond that they can file legal action, which can lead to all sorts of things.

I found the FTC’s “Debt Collection FAQs” to be an interesting read.

Having paid $10 million for the debt portfolio I imagine Nationwide will be looking to at least make that much back. Hopefully they give ’em hell.

In related news a few days ago the Receiver requested an extension to file a Final Liquidation and Dissolution Plan.

The request was granted, giving the Receiver until July 20th to do so.

I expect this plan will provide details of final distribution and the winding down of the Zeek Rewards Receivership.