As revealed in the Zeek Rewards Receiver’s third quarter report for 2018, another $405,187 has been recovered from the Ponzi scheme’s net-winners.

Discussion with other Zeek net-winners continues. Separately an appeal against a judgment requiring those who made the most to return it is still playing out.

The other major unresolved issue the Receivership is engaged in is the $13.1 million Payza/VictoriaBank dispute.

VictoriaBank are trying to get the Receiver’s intervention lawsuit dismissed. To that end the next Status Conference in the matter is scheduled for January 2019.

Since its establishment in 2012, the Zeek Rewards Receivership has marshaled $375.2 million. Of that amount, $345.5 million has been returned to victims.

By conclusion of the Receivership, the Zeek Receiver estimates victims with an allowed claim will have recovered 80% to 85% of their losses.