In a textbook example of how to completely screw up communication with your affiliates, Jamberry Nails has finally broken its silence.

Without so much as an explanation to affiliates, Jamberry Nails ceased paying affiliates and shipping products.

Jamberry executives even stopped showing up to work and other than rumors of a proposed merger with M.Network, nobody outside of corporate seemed to know what was going on.

Now in an email sent out to Jamberry Nails affiliates, apparently the proposed merger has fallen through. Well, sort of.

For reasons they’re keeping to themselves, Jamberry Nails’ announcement leaves the question of a merger open-ended;

To secure a future for you and your businesses moving forward, M.Network has agreed to purchase certain Jamberry assets, and they’ll be communicating with you soon.

Jamberry assets acquired by M.Network appear to be related to the product side of things. Jamberry staff are being “interviewed” but general consensus is that they won’t be kept on.

In an email sent out last Wednesday night, Jamberry corporate informed its employees it was their “last official day” of work.

Employees were invited to a meeting on Thursday to discuss the finer points of their terminated employment contracts.

Scheduled Jamberry Nails incentive events and trips have been indefinitely cancelled.

Meanwhile there’s been radio silence from M.Network. There’s nothing regarding Jamberry Nails on the company’s website or social media profiles.

As it stands, thousands of Jamberry Nails are in the dark regarding placed orders and whether or not they’ll be paid overdue commission runs.

Quoting M.Network CEO Ryan Anderson, CBS News reports M.Networks wasn’t interested in a merger.

M Network CEO Ryan Anderson said in an interview before the company’s deal with Jamberry was disclosed:

“I honestly don’t know what the bank plans on doing with their agreements with the [sales] consultants. Many have chosen to move on to other companies, and others are holding on to hope that something will still exist of Jamberry.”

According to Anderson of M Network … his company acquired “certain assets” of Jamberry and wasn’t interested in a merger, he said, declining to be more specific.

“M Network plans on launching a personalized beauty brand and line of products this year,” Anderson wrote in a message to CBS MoneyWatch.

Call me cynical, but it seems M.Network has acquired the only thing of value from Jamberry Nails’ collapse – product assets.

A merger would likely see M.Network on the line for Jamberry Nails’ liabilities, including unpaid commissions to affiliates.

This way M.Network gets what it wants from Jamberry Nails and Jamberry corporate get paid.

The fate of Jamberry Nails’ affiliates doesn’t appear to have been a consideration.

BehindMLM first reviewed Jamberry Nails in 2012. We published an updated review in 2015, praising Jamberry’s strong retail focus.

M.Network was reviewed in early 2017. We found regulatory red flags such as pay to play and pyramid recruitment were core components of their business model.

In contrast to Jamberry Nails, with M.Network we didn’t like what we saw.