The Win on Wealth Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

In a notice published to its website, Win on Wealth described its collapse as an “unfortunate termination”.

The exit-scam behind Win on Wealth’s collapse is some baloney about “bank regulator mandates”.

The unfortunate termination of the WOW program is mandatory because of the bank regulator mandates that caused the halt and collapse of Inventis Ventures program.

I haven’t been following Win on Wealth but nonetheless, this is the first I’m hearing about Inventis Ventures.

Corporate records reveal Inventis Ventures corresponds to a series of shell companies registered by Linh Thuy Le.

  • Inventis Ventures Elite Trst [sic] – registered in California on May 25th, 2023
  • Inventis Ventures Holding Inc – registered in California on October 27th, 2022
  • Inventis Ventures Inc – registered in California on May 21st, 2023
  • Inventis Ventures LLC – registered in Utah in February 2011

Le also registered WOW Win On Wealth, A California Stock Corporation in February 2022.

Prior to Win on Wealth, Inventis Ventures appears to have been a California insurance agency.

The cited Inventis Ventures website in the FaceBook profile above has been disabled.

The last post on Inventis Ventures’ FaceBook profile is dated April 2021.

Thus it appears Le repurposed Inventis Ventures to be part of the Win on Wealth Ponzi scheme, circa early 2022.

That said none of the Inventis Ventures shell companies or WOW Win on Wealth are banks, so it’s unclear what “bank regulator mandates” have to do with anything.

Nonetheless, Win on Wealth goes on to claim;

Our regulatory structure failed and the banking regulators freezing and suspending all of the Inventis operations has become the cause for WOW to cease operations.

Inventis assisted thousands over the past 18 months which lead to a bank regulatory closure and termination of the successful program.

Part of the reason Win on Wealth’s “closure announcement” makes no sense, is likely due to its ties to sovereign citizen nonsense.

We appreciate all members for their loyalty and patience as the massive undertaking of reconstructing the WOW loan program was completed and we were merely awaiting the Sovereign bank funding release, which unfortunately was halted when the Inventis Venture banking closures occurred.

Refunds are being offered to Win on Wealth investors, as well as “financial support” for shell company fees (part of Win on Wealth’s Ponzi scheme was getting investors to create bogus shell companies to launder money through).

Where that money is coming from is unclear.

BehindMLM reviewed Win on Wealth in June 2022. We identified a fraudulent investment opportunity, pitching consumers on 15% a month.

In addition to Linh Thuy Le, other names tied to Win on Wealth include Trong Hoang Luu, Arthur J. Lewis (aka AJ Lewis), Dennis Gray, Anna Reyes, Michael Glaspie, Jack Riley,

Looking forward, Le and the gang don’t appear to be done defrauding consumers just yet;

We will provide a future 2024 value to members and grant each member entrance into our next program launch which is expected to begin in March 2024.

Launch a Ponzi scheme, get shut down by “bank regulator mandates” and… launch a new “program” a few months later?

Yeah, outside of Win on Wealth collapsing not a lot of this is making sense.

Outside of Win on Wealth investors inevitably complaining about failure to receive promised refunds, I’m not expecting any significant updates.