After leading on mostly elderly victims for over a year in their Noble 8 Revolution Ponzi cycler, Mark Campese and Blaine Williams dropped the scheme in favor of Pyur Life.

Just so there’s absolutely no confusion over Noble 8 Revolution being a big scam though, Campese and Williams have announced their ceasing all operations as of July 31st.

Noble 8 Revolution was a simple Ponzi matrix cycler. Cheap script, hosting and away you go.

Rather than actually launch the cycler though, Campese and Williams stretched Noble 8 Revolution’s launch from January 2018 to early 2019.

In March 2019 Campese and Williams announced they were funneling their victims into Pyur Life (then Pyur Global).

In exchange for selling Noble 8 Revolutions victims out, Campese and Williams were given cushy Pyur Life “executive founder” positions.

Despite minimal costs associated with launching and keeping a matrix cycler running, Campese and Williams claim

these costs have far exceeded the revenues earned by the company and we simply cannot continue to carry the financial burden of operations.

Taking into consideration the costs to continue to maintain and develop the Noble 8 Revolution systems, staff, courses and events we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the market is not ready for our very professional product offerings and have made the decision to cease Noble 8 Revolution operations fully on July 31 st 2019.

Continuing the combination of religious affinity fraud and elder abuse that Noble 8 Revolution was built on, Campese and Williams go on to cite Pyur Life as a directive from God.

On a separate note, we believe that God opens doors at the right time for those who believe and it is up to us to take that opportunity and go through that door.

We have long anticipated having a wellness product tied to Noble8 Revolution, however integration into our Noble 8 Revolution system was not possible giving birth to a new platform… “PYUR LIFE”.

We invite all of you who have not yet made a decision to join us in this amazing opportunity to do your due-diligence.

Alexa traffic statistics for Noble 8 Revolution’s website reveal the scheme collapsed following the initial Pure Life announcement.

Pure Life’s own website traffic statistics aren’t much better, suggesting the merger, while likely profitable for Campese and Williams, went down like a ton of bricks.

For their part Pyur Life don’t appear to be concerned about partnering with scammers, or having Noble 8 Revolution Ponzi victims funneled into their company.