paymony-logoIn what is definitely one of the more bizarre attempts I’ve seen to legitimize an otherwise questionable opportunity, it would seem Paymony affiliates are trying to assert that Will Smith has joined the scheme.

Published on the “Unitel Association” website, the promo is titled “Will Smith in Paymony in mind and heart”, and features a photo of Will Smith with some unidentified men:


This is to encourage the miners call.

Will Smith is in Paymony.

Whereas you’d typically except a doctored photo in this type of promotion, the image, albeit out of focus, appears to be genuine. Whether or not the three amigos with Will Smith are actually in Paymony though is a mystery.

Also, quite obviously the snap has nothing to do with Paymony.

Still, you’ve got to question just who Paymony affiliates think they’re going to deceive with such obvious fraudulent advertising.

As for who or what Unitel Association are,

Unitel National Association of Promoters in Multilevel Marketing Companies, founded in April 2012.’s A nonprofit organization that arose from the need for unity of professionals MMN together to fight for common goals, collective rights, seeking professional regulation category.

VISION – To generate employment, income, dignity, sharing victories and success with every citizen who acts with direct sales and MLM in Brazil, no matter their social class!

Advertisements for fraudulent schemes such as TelexFree feature prominently on the association’s website:


Paymony itself is Ponzi scheme that revolves around affiliates investing up to $15,000 in digital currency “mining packages”. The “miners” referenced in the Will Smith advertising copy above being Paymony’s affiliates (the actual Paymony opportunity has nothing to do with digital currency mining).

I suppose in hindsight that a scheme with a fraudulent business model using fraudulent advertising shouldn’t be all that surprising, but still… Will Smith? Cmon guys.