There is no information on the Wenyard website identifying who owns or runs the business.

The Wenyard website domain (“wenyard.com”) was registered on the 23rd of September 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

Wenyard’s website does have an “about us” page, however the company only provides the following marketing copy:

Over the recent years, the two small European countries of Malta and Gibraltar have become the heart of the global online gaming world. Many of the world’s most famous gaming companies reside in these places.

In the pubs and in restaurants the brilliant minds of the IT developers, the business management and operational staff meet to enjoy the vibrant life of the Mediterranean.

During these meetings and informal talks, some of these brilliant young people decided to create a new game. It should be based on different levels of skill, real world events and the dynamics of the real financial world.

A whole new concept based on virtual stock trading with real life input was to be invented.

Out of the collaboration between several brilliant businesses and IT developers Wenyard was born.


A parent company name is provided, “Leonard Virtual Property Ltd” operating out of Gibraltar, however this company is not mentioned anywhere else on the internet outside of Wenyard’s website.

The address provided for Leonard Virtual Property Ltd is that of “HLB Gibro Group”, who advertise on their website that they can ‘can help you incorporate and manage onshore and offshore companies in almost any international jurisdiction‘.

For all intents and purposes it would appear Leonard Virtual Property Ltd is little more than a virtual operation.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Wenyard Product Line

Wenyard has no retailable products or services, instead affiliates pay a participation fee and then can play what the company calls the “Wenyard Trading Game” (NASGO).

The game engine in Wenyard is developed by a group of people who have worked in the financial sector for many years.

It is built so that actions in the game creates different reactions in exactly the same way as in the real financial world.

There is a stock exchange, you can trade in commodities and real estate, there are investments with high risk and low risk. Several days per week you receive the trading newsletter “WenNews”.

There you can read about events that may affect the financial performance, such as political moves, new regulations on environment and finance issues, acquisitions, innovations, start-ups and more.

You can play Wenyard on your computer, on your tablet and on your mobile. Wenyard is always close to you.

How this integrates into the MLM opportunity is not clear, however “Wenyard Future Options” would clearly appear to be the selling of unregistered securities to Wenyard affiliates.

Wenyard Future Options are shares that affiliates can purchase
(provided with affiliate membership), trade amongst themselves and cash out.

The Wenyard Compensation Plan

The Wenyard compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing membership to the company, and then getting paid when they recruit others who do the same.

There are three levels of affiliate membership within Wenyard:

  • Broker – €95 EUR
  • Pro Broker – €295 EUR
  • Executive Broker – €795 EUR

In order to qualify for commissions, an affiliate must have personally recruited at least two new affiliates (with one on either side of their binary).

Momentum Recruitment Bonus

When a Wenyard affiliate recruits a new affiliate, they are paid a bonus in Wenyard Future Options (WFOs), equal to the amount issued to the affiliate they just recruited.

How much WFOs a newly recruited affiliate is issued depends on how much money they pay for Wenyard affiliate membership:

  • Broker – €100 worth of WFOs
  • Pro Broker – €600 worth of WFOs
  • Executive Broker – €2400 EUR worth of WFOs

Note that due to the fluctuating “value” of Wenyard’s WFOs, the amount of WFOs issued per affiliate signup will vary.

The Momentum Recruitment Bonus is available to new Wenyard affiliates and is active for 72 hours upon payment of their membership fee.

The timer is extended when an affiliate recruits a new affiliate as follows:

  • Broker – extra 24 hours
  • Pro Broker – extra 48 hours
  • Executive Broker – extra 72 hours

Note that if an Executive Broker personally recruits at least nine affiliates whilst their Momentum Recruitment Bonus is still active, they are awarded 10% of the Momentum Bonus generated by their personally recruited affiliates.

Binary Commissions

Residual commissions in Wenyard are paid out using a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (right and left):


Sales volume is generated on either side of the binary when new affiliates are recruited and pay their affiliate membership fee:

  • Broker – 100 points
  • Pro Broker – 300 points
  • Executive Broker – 800 points

Points are tallied up on either side of the binary each week and paired using a 2:1 ratio, with a minimum pairing requiring 400 points on the weaker binary side.

This equates to 400 points on the weaker side and 800 points on the stronger side, which when paired generates a €40 EUR commission.

Volume is flushed once paired, and rolled over for a maximum of six months if it is not paired that given week.

Wenyard cap weekly affiliate binary commissions at €100,000 EUR.

Matching Bonus

Wenyard offer a Matching Bonus on the binary commissions earnt by recruited affiliates.

How much of a Matching Bonus is paid out depends on how many affiliates an affiliate has personally recruited:

  • personally recruit 3 affiliates = 10% Matching Bonus on personally recruited affiliate’s binary earnings
  • personally recruit 6 affiliates = 20% Matching Bonus on personally recruited affiliate’s binary earnings
  • personally recruit 9 affiliates = 20% Matching Bonus on personally recruited affiliate’s and their personally recruited affiliate’s (level 2) binary earnings

Oneliner Bonus

Wenyard’s Oneliner Bonus appears to be a straightline bonus that pays out commissions once a set number of recruited people have joined the company after you.

  • 250 affiliates join after you – €5 EUR a week
  • 500 affiliates join after you – €50 EUR a week (must have recruited at least 3 affiliates)
  • 750 affiliates join after you – €75 EUR a week (must have recruited at least 3 affiliates)
  • 1000 affiliates join after you – €100 EUR a week (must have purchased a Pro Broker affiliate membership and recruited at least 6 affiliates)
  • 1500 affiliates join after you – €250 EUR a week (must have purchased a Pro Broker affiliate membership and recruited at least 6 affiliates)
  • 2500 affiliates join after you – €500 EUR a week (must have purchased an Executive Broker membership and recruited at least 9 affiliates)
  • 5000 affiliates join after you – €750 EUR a week (must have purchased an Executive Broker membership and recruited at least 9 affiliates)
  • 7500 affiliates join after you – €1000 EUR a week (must have purchased an Executive Broker membership and recruited at least 9 affiliates)
  • 10,000 affiliates join after you – €1500 EUR a week (must have purchased an Executive Broker membership and recruited at least 9 affiliates)
  • 15,000 affiliates join after you – €3000 EUR a week (must have purchased an Executive Broker membership and recruited at least 18 affiliates)

Commissions Withheld

Note that only 70% of a Wenyard affiliate’s commissions are paid out, with the other 30% going into a mandatory account that must be spent on WFOs.

Joining Wenyard

Affiliate membership to Wenyard is available in three options:

  • Broker – €95 EUR
  • Pro Broker – €295 EUR
  •  Executive Broker – €795 EUR


The basic thrust of the Wenyard MLM opportunity is that affiliates buy in for between €95 to €795 EUR, which how much they spend directly affecting what they earn, and then 30% of any commissions generated being used to assign value to the company’s virtual WFO currency.

On their own WFOs have no inherent value, so the options are thus solely pegged to how much money affiliates are depositing into the system.

Pretty much what it comes down to is the amount of shares being generated (via membership purchases, the Momentum recruitment bonus and mandatory 30% repurchase), not exceeding 30% of their commissions affiliates are forced to spend on them.

The stock market game the company has attached is little more than a gimmick, having nothing to do with affiliate commissions, how they are paid or revenue generation (other than Wenyard being able to directly manipulate the dollar value of WFO’s, irrespective of the money being spent on them).

Undermining this Ponzi investment layer is a relatively simply pyramid scheme, with affiliates paid to recruit new affiliates, and able to increase their commissions based on how many new affiliate investors they bring into the scheme.

Both layers rely on a constant influx of new affiliate money to sustain themselves, with the WFOs investment side particularly vulnerable as WFOs are presumably able to be cashed out. If the WFO value drops below a certain threshold and triggers a mass sell off, the entire system collapses.

And unless I’m missing something, the Oneliner bonus is going to drain the scheme of funds pretty quickly once the admin and his or her friends start to hit that 10,000 – 15,000 affiliate mark (and thereafter everyone under them).

Of course Wenyard can just assign a close to $0 value on the options from their end (and pass it off as some “feature” in their game), meaning (newly-invested) affiliates will bear the loss.

Also of note is the involvement of Towah, who are best known in the MLM industry for withholding millions of dollars in Bidify (now MyCenterBid) affiliate funds.

The payment processor has also run into some potential regulatory issues in the UK, after one bank grew fed up with the company’s lack of payment and requested the FSA investigate.

Given the obvious hybrid Ponzi / pyramid scheme nature of Wenyard’s business model, I can’t help but put a big question mark over Towah’s involvement as a payment processor. Couple that with the anonymous ownership of the company and that only raises more unanswered questions.

Approach with extreme caution.