wealth-masters-international-logoJust under a month ago now I wrote about Wealth Masters International rewarding Norwegian distributor Per Gunnar Hoem, despite WMI being officially banned in Norway.

In the discussion that followed, it was reasoned that seeing as the ban wasn’t applied retrospectively for the month of March, Hoem’s promoting of WMI in Norway was justifiable.

In light of this, I turned my anticipation to WMI’s May awards. With Norway now officially out of the picture, I was keen to see who would be the new recipient.

This morning WMI published their May Gold Award winners and whilst I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, this month’s winners does raise some interesting questions…

As BehindMLM reader David pointed out, this month’s consultant of the month recipient was none other then Wealth Masters International newcomer Tony Rush.

Tony Rush joined WMI in early April, leaving me wondering how in just one month he managed to become the consultant of the month.

Well, turns out according to ‘Inside FAQ’ that the point of the consultant of the month award is to just ‘recognize new people‘. You don’t actually have to do anything to qualify other than join Wealth Masters.

Perhaps Tony was feeling a bit left out that some of his constituents who joined at the same time as he did were presented with flashy executive titles.

But I digress, getting back to Wealth Masters International’s monthly gold awards, who won the May award for top m1 and mPower sales?

None other than Tony Rush and his wife Jessica.

After joining Wealth Masters International barely a m0nth ago, these two somehow managed to beat the entire established Wealth Masters International organisation of members to sell the most entry level products?!

Credit given where credit is due, Rush certainly knows how to move a product and rack up sales. Whether he’s selling to new members or a downline he’s brought with him from one of his many previous ventures is obviously something WMI won’t disclose, but the sales are there regardless.

Of far more greater concern to someone keeping up with WMI though, is that even if these are new members – regardless of their selling ability – how is someone who joined a six year old company barely a month ago taking out the award for top sales?

This alone speaks volumes about the internal state of affairs inside WMI.

Are things really going that badly that someone can just walk in and trump an entire field who’ve had potentially a six year long head start?

What are the rest of the Wealth Masters International consultants doing?

Unfortunately the other two awards announced this morning don’t provide any reassurances, both were given to executive leaders.

Michael Hamburger, Senior Vice President of Marketing was awarded the ‘WMI Founders Award‘ and Ryan Nelson, Vice President of Internet Strategy was awarded the ‘WMI Leadership Award‘.

Being in management positions (vice-presidents no less), shouldn’t the success of the company you’re working for be enough reward in itself? I know that as a vice president I’d be feeling pretty uncomfortable walking out to accept an award infront of a field of associates wondering why they weren’t successful enough with the business to be recognised.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of organic success going on within the consultants of WMI, and awards like this only emphasise that.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when WMI run out of executives and ‘star recruits’ to shower with awards.