We Share Abundance’s withdrawal issues continue, with the latest restriction seeing only those who recruit new investors able to withdraw.

We Share Abundance is a 50% a month Ponzi run by Graham Frame (right).

In addition to stealing money from investors, Frame also funnels WSA affiliate investors into Ash Mufareh’s OnPassive pyramid scheme.

BehindMLM first documented WSA withdrawal problems in late October. At the time Frame was seeking to make it more difficult for affiliates to withdraw funds, by making them jump through KYC hoops.

On November 16th Frame announced he was

planning to only allow qualified Power Of One members to withdraw.

He feels we should all be able to bring in at least ONE new referral each month who will stake at least $2.

Naturally this went down like a ton of bricks with WSA affiliates, who for the most part invested on the representation of passive returns.

Within twenty-four hours of making his initial announcement, Frame backflipped.

Just to let you know that I will not implement the Power Of One restriction on withdrawals.

It will not be a requirement BUT POO Qualified members will get preference in many ways and so start thinking positive about “How can I qualify” not negative about I can’t qualify!

Well, sort of.

Reading between the lines, Frame clearly intends to only pay those recruiting. Affiliates who recruit will be given withdrawal priority (i.e. allowed to withdraw at all), with everyone else de-prioritized (i.e. unable to withdraw).

It’s the same as restricting withdrawals, without saying as much.

We imagine the majority of WSA affiliates being unable to withdraw, even having met KYC hurdles, will prompt a flurry of complaints.

How Frame makes it even more difficult for affiliates to withdraw next remains to be seen.


Update 15th December 2020 – Graham Frame has announced new WSA affiliate investors are banned from withdrawing for six months.


Update 19th May 2021 – We Share Abundance has collapsed. Graham Frame has announced a Wesa Coin reboot.