When Wazzub entered pre-launch in late 2011 the company initially promised to pay members $1 a month per member recruited and made a big deal about their ‘profit sharing phenomenon’.

Within a few short months this $1 commission was quietly scrapped and the company rephrased its commissions structure around what they now call a ‘success sharing phenomenon’. This meant that the company was willing to pay members 50% of profits generated by Wazzub.

After seven or so months of prelaunch and the fixed launch date of August 1st 2012 just around the corner, today we take a look at where Wazzub and its ‘Perfect Internet’ is at.

Commission wise Wazzub were supposed to start paying their members on May 15th 2012. This was then pushed back to June 15th 2012 however a webinar on May 25 confirmed that members would not be getting paid on June 15th either.


In May we (Wazzub) generated only about $2,000 and our net profit will be negative. That means there will be no profit to be shared for the month of May.

The number of users who visited and used our home page in May was very, very low. Because of our new time line we have had only 10,000 daily visitors on average at perfectinter.net.

To put this dollar amount into perspective, Wazzub claim to have over six million members. Even if we round this off to six million however, $2,000 a month in revenue still equates to just 0.03 cents generated per member.

As it stands this isn’t even enough to cover Wazzub’s own operating expenses, so members don’t get paid.

Looking forward to the July 15th pay date, realistically it doesn’t look like things are going to improve much.

As per Alexa (keep in mind these are only estimates), perfectinter.net’s traffic is thus far up 59% this month compared to May. Unfortunately though traffic wise most of this appears to be coming from African nations.

Australia is probably the first recognised western country (economics wise) coming in at #35. You could I suppose count Finland at #12 but traffic value wise all of the countries above Australia at 35 aren’t going to generate much revenue as far as advertisers or global e-commerce goes (the bulk of Wazzub’s revenue generating model).

Further analysing Wazzub’s membership numbers, out of the six million plus members they claim to have (of which “thousands” have been reported as fake accounts by the company), only 30,000 or so (0.5%) have qualified to earn commissions.

Members were initially told that in order to earn commissions all they had to do was sign up and use perfectineter.net however this later changed to

  • recruiting enough members so that you had at least three members five generations deep in your unilevel structure (someone you referred then referred someone, who referred someone, who referred someone, who referred someone x 3) and
  • having to hand over proof of identity documents to Wazzub (which were then supposedly verified by Wazzub, despite the unrealistic amount of effort this would take given Wazzub’s global memberbase)

Even at 30,000 qualified members though, 50% of the $2,000 generated in May (Wazzub will only share 50% of generated profit) still only equates to 3.3 cents per member.

As per today’s webinar this 30,000 qualified number is now fixed for life and the company is no longer accepting any new profit-sharing qualified members, meaning that again out of the 6 million members that signed up just 0.5% bothered to qualify for their share of profits Wazzub aren’t generating.

Wazzub themselves seem to not be that confident in their ability to generate profit with DaCosta announcing today that as of yet Wazzub have no payment processor agreements in place. Apparently Wazzub profit qualified members are going to vote on which payment processor(s) the company should approach at a later date.

Even with a fixed launch date of August 2012 I’m not really seeing how this is going to take off. It’s been seven months now with perfectinter.net being up for a while (a few months) and the interest just doesn’t seem to be there.

I predicted this way back in my December 2011 review of Wazzub given that all perfectinter.net is is a bog-standard search portal cluttered with daily deals and advertising. Hardly innovative and a dime-a-dozen.

As it stands if I had to make an educated guess I’d say most, if not all of the visitors to Wazzub are currently members with very little to no external non-member visits.

In their latest webinar there was a good deal of time spent re-enforcing how lucky the currently qualified Wazzub members were. Host Gee DaCosta also took great pains to warn members against sharing the profit-sharing model (referred to as a “secret agreement”) with new “average users” of perfectineter.net because ‘it would just confuse them’.

With no clear business model other than “increase our non-member traffic to generate more revenue despite the fact that our current traffic is primarily coming from non-revenue generating countries and that we don’t offer anything unique or of value to a non-member end-user”, I’m pretty sure non-member perfectinter.net users aren’t the only ones who are left confused.

Most internet startups take a few years to get going and that’s usually only if they’re bringing something new to the table that is either a vast improvement to an existing services or something entirely new.

Wazzub (perfectinter.net) being a standard search-portal (provided for free by search-engine aggregator ixquick.com) with third-party affiliate deals plastered all over it is neither.