What’s left of Wakaya Perfection is gearing up to relaunch under its third company name; Mfinity Global.

Mfinity Global’s launch follows Wakaya Perfection collapsing and being sold off to LaCore Enterprises.

The LaCore acquisition happened in late 2019 and saw Wakaya Perfection rebranded as Bulavita.

Under LaCore Enterprises nothing much happened with Bulavita. Then in April  2021 Bulavita entered into a partnership with Juuva.

Two months later Bulavita has cut ties with Juuva. What’s left of the company will now relaunch as Mfinity Global.

A visit to Bulavita’s website domain reveals a 9 day countdown timer to Mfinity Global’s launch.

No company information is provided, including what caused the split from Juuva, who will be running Mfinity Global and who is funding the company.

For that information we turn to a recent Mfinity Global webinar.

I don’t have an exact date for the webinar but I believe it was held on Zoom earlier this week.

Hosting the Mfinity Global webinar was Andre Vaughn.

Vaughn served prison time for tax fraud in 2019. At the time he was Wakaya Perfection’s Field Leader.

After serving his sentence, apparently Vaughn still holds a leadership position within the company.

Vaughn introduces Wakaya Perfection co-founder Todd Smith who, referencing an earlier webinar featuring Bill Andreoli, dishes on why the Juuva deal fell apart.

The family is still together. You saw the faces and heard the voices of the folks you know and love – and you know that we are taking Mfinity to the world.

One of the other things you know is you know that we’ve enhanced the compensation. With a new program that’s going to put more money in our pockets.

You know that the reason for the transition was because we thought everyone was gonna make more money and instead we found out everyone made less.

And when I say everyone, everyone except the people at the top. And that’s just not acceptable.

Even though we tried to make changes, they (Juuva) weren’t willing to make those changes and so then we gotta do what’s best for the family.

Smith dismisses the failed Juuva venture as a “few weeks detour”.

We’ve apologized for that. I don’t want to go back to that because we’re all thinking forward now.

The earlier webinar featuring Bill Andreoli was broadcast on Facebook.

In the webinar Andreoli confirms the “huge commission plan differences” between Bulavita and Juuva.

Despite Juuva being an established MLM company with a long-standing compensation plan, Andreoli strangely puts forth that “no one could anticipate” the compensation differences.

The finer details of Juuva’s partnership with Bulavita were never made clear. Ditto the breaking of that partnership and what it meant legally to each of the parties.

The only information Andreoli discloses is that

So even with the best of intentions on both sides, with Juuva and Bulavita to make this work, we found that the differences in the compensation were just too great.

What we have decided together, in fairness to all of our Bulavita ambassadors, is to amicably separate ourselves as the two companies; Juuva and Bulavita.

Both companies, just so all of you know, we wish each other well. We will remain friends.

Later in the webinar Andre Vaughn goes over Mfinity’s compensation plan. It’s almost enough for me to put a review together on but I’m going to wait for product and joining details.

What I will say on the compensation plan is that Wakaya Perfection failed, Bulavita under LaCore Enterprises failed, and now Bulavita under Juuva has failed.

Is there a problem with these other companies or is there a problem with Bulavita’s compensation plan?

Based on Mfinity Global’s anticipated June 19th launch date, I expect finalized compensation details will be available by that date.

There is a delay in me getting through my review list so I’ve added Mfinity Global, anticipating full details will be available when it comes up for review.


Update 27th July 2021 – BehindMLM has published its Mfinity Global review.