Phillip Piccolo has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, resulting in the long-running Vista Network civil lawsuit being stayed.

Piccolo (right), who also goes by Felix Angelo Piccolo and Felix Phillip Angelo, is a Plaintiff and Counterclaim Defendant in Vista Network litigation dating back to 2019.

Piccolo (right) filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on September 12th. He claims to be currently unemployed with no income.

Piccolo pegs his current debt at up to $50,000 “plus open lawsuits”. Piccolo’s total liabilities are cited at $1,000,000.

Cited debt sources include Piccolo being “involved in lawsuits, attorney debts and judgments” against him.

Piccolo, who currently lives with his son in Florida, claims the only household items he owns are about $500 in “everyday clothes”.

Any┬ásubstantial assets Piccolo owns are claimed to “have been already taken by judgment”.

Piccolo informed the court of his bankruptcy on September 15th.

On September 16th the court initiated an automatic bankruptcy stay on proceedings.

The Court directs the parties to submit a written status report with respect to the pendency of the bankruptcy within sixty days from the date of this Order.

A Case Management hearing has been scheduled for December 9th, 2022.


Update 25th March 2023 – Following civil fraud charges filed against Armen Temurian by the CFTC in February, Phillip Piccolo’s Vista Network lawsuit has been confidentially settled.