With the lies about their working with US regulators exposed, USI-Tech management have switched focus to announcing their next moves on a “need to know” basis”.

That is to say unless you’re a gullible dumbass who still believes USI-Tech hasn’t collapsed, management don’t want you knowing what they’re up to.

Following reports of ROI withdrawal problems in Australia and continued silence on where US and Canadian invested funds went, USI-Tech’s Horst Jicha has sent out an “important news” update.

Most of the update is dedicated to warning USI-Tech affiliates that the company will terminate their accounts.

As an executive team, we have been immensely appalled at the personal and professional attacks by a minority of members directed at the company, the owners themselves, and even other members who have diligently tried to keep their teams updated.

We, as a company, reserve the right under our current terms and conditions to terminate any account that has engaged in such actions or where a material breach of the aforesaid terms and conditions have been violated.

Reading between the lines, this is likely addressing backlash against Sharon James and John Smith.

Both UK affiliates, James and Smith have continued to promote USI-Tech despite the majority of investors losing access to their money.

Word on the grapevine is James and Smith have recently had a number of hotels give them the boot, dampening recruitment efforts in the UK.

Depending on the level of harassment (who knew Ponzi victims get angry at those who scammed them?), Jicha’s warning could be justifiable.

But then he goes on to impose an iron curtain on USI-Tech developments going forward.

Prior to the express written permission of USI-TECH, you agree not to:

Post material, non-public information about companies, without the specific written authorization to do so.

Post, transmit, copy, transfer, make available or otherwise distribute all, or any part or derivative of, the information provided by USI-TECH “Sales Partners” to USI-TECH users, even if such information is a fact, truth.

Why affiliates not sharing what they’re told is important to USI-Tech management should be obvious.

All PR disasters because they were never intended to be disseminated beyond a tight circle of gullible USI-Tech investors.

So anyway, with so much collateral damage already done and regulators closing in, why is Horst Jicha getting his panties in a twist about secrecy now?

On a more positive note, we have some extremely exciting news to share with you over the next few days in relation to our TECH Coin and look forward in detailing this for you.

USI-Tech’s proposed Tech Coin ICO surfaced late last year. It was supposed to be a fund-raiser to keep the BTC Package going for a bit longer but was derailed following the run-in with US regulators.

USI-Tech affiliates were able to invest up to 50,000 EUR for Tech Coin points pre-ICO, however whether that’s still the case or not is unclear.

In any event, like BTC Packages the Tech Coin ICO is a security and requires registration with the appropriate securities regulator in any jurisdiction the ICO is offered in.

Despite Horst Jicha’s iron curtain coming down, we’ll do our best to keep you updated.