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If you were to call the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division today, regardless of your enquiry, you’d be met with a curious recorded message that presumes you’ve called to either file a complaint against Zeek Rewards, or ask the NC AG’s office for investment advice regarding the opportunity.

Incase you might not be familiar with US law enforcement hierarchy,

the Attorney General is elected by the people of North Carolina every four years as the state’s top law enforcement officer and top lawyer.

Powers and duties of the Attorney General are set forth in the Constitution and Statutes of North Carolina.

As head of the North Carolina Department of Justice, the Attorney General provides legal representation and advice to all state government departments, agencies and commissions.

The Attorney General also provides legal opinions at the request of other public officials and handles all criminal appeals from state trial courts.

When the state’s public interests are at stake, the Attorney General can take legal action on behalf of North Carolina’s citizens.

Below is a transcript of the message you’ll currently hear if you call the NC AG’s office of Consumer Protection Division at the time of publication:

Thankyou for calling the North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division about Zeek Rewards.

We can not tell you whether or not to invest or participate in Zeek Rewards, or any other company.

If you would like to file a complaint with our office, you can either leave a message with your name and address after the beep, and we will mail you a complaint form. Or you can visit our website at for an online complaint form.

Specific questions about how Zeek Rewards works should be directed to the company itself.

Again, the Attorney General’s office cannot give you investment or legal advice and we do not endorse any program or business. However we always encourage people to do their own research before investing in any business.

Many people have asked if we have received complaints about Zeek Rewards and we can confirm that we have received several complaints.

Thankyou again for contacting our office.

Noticeably the Attorney General’s office refer to Zeek Rewards as an “investment”, despite the company repeatedly claiming it isn’t yet offering a daily ROI to its affiliates.

While it’s a safe bet to assume that the reason the NC AG’s office have put up the message is due to the number of calls they’ve received regarding Zeek Rewards, it seems that this might only be the tip of the iceberg.

Earlier today BehindMLM reader ‘Al’ informed us that he’d

just got word that the AGs office has requested that Zeek Rewards provide them with documents so they can examine Zeek Rewards’ business practices.

On Friday 3rd of August, one of Al’s friends sent the following to the North Carolina Attorney General’s office’s Facebook account:

Addressed personally to NC AG Roy Cooper, the office sent back an official response on Monday 6th August as follows:

Specifically why the NC AG’s office are “concerned” about Zeek Rewards, what information was asked for or when is unknown.

To the best of my knowledge, Zeek Rewards has made no official announcement to their affiliates or acknowledgement regarding the NC AG’s request for information, nor do we expect them to.

From the language used in the reply however, it’s clear that whatever information the AG’s office have requested From Zeek Rewards, they’re yet to receive it.

Stating that “several complaints” about Zeek Rewards have been received, it appears the NC AG’s office have decided the warrant concern and an examination of Zeek Rewards’ “business practices”.

As I understand it, requesting additional information from a business (which I’d assume was not already public), is one of the first steps an Attorney General’s office takes in deciding whether or not to launch an official investigation into a company.

Not that I’d be so bold as to instruct the NC AG’s office on how to go about their business, but one would hope high on the priority list of the NC AG’s office would be ascertaining whether or not Zeek Rewards’ daily commission payouts mostly consist of internal affiliate money.

When asked this in the past, Zeek Rewards CEO Paul Burks claims this is “proprietary information” and when then COO Dawn Wright-Olivares was asked to answer a similar question, it was claimed that should she answer it, the answer itself would put Zeek Rewards “out of compliance”.

In the meantime the NC AG’s office recommends ‘people to do their own research before investing‘ in Zeek Rewards, a suggestion recently appointed Zeek Rewards COO Greg Caldwell is seemingly against.

Two days ago, in response to the North Carolina State Employee’s Credit Union warning members and the general public that Zeek Rewards was “fraudulent”, Caldwell claimed that anybody who publishes criticism of Zeek Rewards is ‘behaving unprofessionally by acting on false information‘.

Here at BehindMLM we naturally encourage people to conduct as thorough investigation and due diligence into any MLM company they are considering joining using any and all sources available to them.

Not to pre-empt the outcome of the NC AG’s conclusions on Zeek Rewards but Roy Cooper might want to invest in a few extra boxes of tissues, lest he find himself on the receiving end of similar scathing commentary from Caldwell for going public with any criticism of Zeek his office might find.

Even if the “false information” the NC AG office base their “unprofessional” criticism on was requested and sourced from Zeek Rewards itself.