Following on from a USFIA victim claims process submission announced in late January, the submitted process received have received court-approval.

As per a March 7th order, the Receiver is

authorized to proceed with Phase One of the claims process as reflected in the Motion and report back to the Court with his findings and a proposal for Phase Two of the claims process.

Phase One of the claims process is making USFIA victims aware of the process and collecting filed claims.

A claims bar date has been set for June 29th, 2018, after which Phase Two of the claims process will commence.

This will see the Receiver sift through submitted claims and weed out those that are deemed disallowed.

Note that specifics regarding phases two of the claims process have yet to be published.

For anyone considering filing a USFIA victim claim, be aware that you cannot claim expected ROIs.

USFIA was a Ponzi scheme and the money you were promised in returns does not exist.

Only funds you personally invested and only if you didn’t receive more than your personally invested.

Note that compounding monopoly money ROIs doesn’t count as personal investment.

As of yet the USFIA claims portal has yet to go live. Stay tuned…