Following on from a claims meeting held in mid October, a further deadline extension till January 9th has been approved.

At the time of publication the USFIA Receivership has recovered some $50 million.

Of the estimated 15,000 to 30,000 USFIA victims eligible to file a claim, only 3800 have done so.

Back in July it emerged Steve Chen was running around telling USFIA victims he’d make them good in a “new scheme”.

If those who still believe USFIA wasn’t a Ponzi scheme continue to hold out, I’d guess most of the 3800 claimants will be made whole.

Watch those that were holding out change their tune and beg to be permitted to file a claim.

Unfortunately though by then it’ll be too late, and that’ll be the end of it.

This isn’t an indefinite process people. Maybe one more extension after January 4th if you’re lucky, and then work toward paying valid claims will begin.

You either file your claims or you lose out.