There’s a lot of outrageous claims made in the MLM industry. Some of them are deceptive, some of them are disheartening, some of them are outright lies and some of them… well, some of them are just comical.

I was browsing through some information about TVI Express the other day when I couldn’t help but have a laugh at TVI Express member Reut Marks claims about the company.

According to Marks (note: you’ll have to scroll down past the token sob story about some fictional guy in India), TVI Express’ servers (the computers that run their business) ‘have been relocated to the the worlds top-server farm‘.


Not only that but this particular serving farm, the worlds best as it were, only ‘offers a service to blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies‘.

Seriously?! HOLY CRAP!

Naturally go gain access to the worlds best server farm TVI Express would ‘need to pass the highest levels of vetting for legality and credit rating‘.

Y’know, because hosting providers really give a crap about your business beyond your hosting agreement… oh and your credit rating, yeah that’s important to them too.

Oh and it’s also worth pointing out that ‘no other networking company in history has gained access to this facility‘.

Way to go TVI Express! That’s some serious credibility right there. So… naturally the obvious question is just who or what is this ‘facility‘?

Well, currently TVI Express’ website is being hosted on the ip address This IP resolves to hosting company Tangram who are based in the Ukraine.

Yes, you heard it here first folks… the Ukraine, where all Fortune 500 companies turn to for their webhosting needs.

Infact, so prestigious are Tangram that their hosting subsidiary, Tanhost, don’t even have an English website (you’re redirected to either their Ukraine or Russian website if you try to click the little British flag at the top for English)… however they do offer hosting to anyone with a Paypal account.

So, if you want to join the world’s top server farm and gain access to this exclusive fortune 500 hosting facility, all you need is a Paypal account and some Russian reading skills.

Although Marks hosting claims easily take the cake on their own, he’s also claiming that every day 80,000 people visit the TVI Express website. Oh and they’re also signing up 6,000 new members every day too.

I mean what, that’s only 180,000 members every month – hilarious!