travista-worldwide-logoAlthough most of the travel club MLMs of the last few years have disappeared once the new memberships dried up, a few still manage to persist.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of them, Travista Worldwide. Read on for a full of the Travista Worldwide travel club MLM business opportunity.

The Company

Launched on October 16th 2011, Travista WorldWide is headed up by CEO and founder Andrew Zic (photo right). Zic runs Travista Worldwide as part of his company Destination Network Int. LLC, operating out of Florida in the US.

Zic previously came from working at Reservation Services International (RSI), which he now uses to provide travel services and bookings to Travista WorldWide members.

I have no idea if it’s business related or not (no reason is given), but Andrew Zic also appears to have been arrested by the Oviedo Police Department back in 1992.


Update 15th December 2019 – The MugShots link citation for Zic’s arrest is 404 as of December 2019. /end update


The Travista WorldWide Review Product Line

Travista Worldwide themselves don’t have any products, retail or otherwise, except for membership to the company. This membership is the only thing members of Travista Worldwide can market to prospects.

Travista Worldwide do include travel services and bookings as part of this membership, but this is all licensed out to third-party company(s). Travista Worldwide themselves take no part in the travel service and bookings side of the business beyond accepting a membership fee to access said services.

The Travista Worldwide Compensation Plan

The Travista Worldwide compensation plan revolves around a 2×1 matrix. With you at the top, a 2×1 matrix has two legs directly underneath you. Each of these legs is a membership position and once filled, Travista Worldwide pay you a commission.

The first two cycles of the matrix pays out $100 each, whereas each cycle after that pays out a commission of $200.

Upon paying your monthly membership fee to Travista, the company will also fill one of your matrix positions for you (one position per month). This is designed to help you fill and cycle out of your matrix faster.

Note that in order to qualify for this $200 cycle, by this point you yourself must have personally recruited two new members into Travista Worldwide. Failure to meet this recruitment requirement will result in the continuation of $100 cycle commissions until it is met.

In addition to this, Travista Worldwide also pay what they call a ‘2-up’ commission.

When you join Travista Worldwide and start recruiting new members, eventually two of these recruited members will cycle out of their first matrices.

When this happens, you are qualified to receive 2-up commissions.

What this means is that from then on out, every time a Travista Worldwide member you’ve personally recruited cycles out of their first two matrices, you receive a $100 commission.

Note that this is a once off commission payment upon your personally recruited members cycling out of their first two matrices (which is why every new Travista Worldwide member only earns $100 on their first two matrix cycles).

This commission extends to the first two to cycle down an infinite number of levels. This means that once qualified, you earn $100 on any member you’ve personally recruited once they’ve cycled out of their initial two matrices. You then earn another $100 on their first two recruited member’s initial two matrix cycles, and their first two’s initial cycles – and so on and so forth.

Finally, as long as you pay your membership fee each month, Travista Worldwide will also give you a $50 ‘Travista Worldwide Vacation Cash Card and $250 ‘Destination Reward Dollars’. Both of these are designed to be put towards the travel services available via the third-party services and offers made available through Travista Worldwide membership.

The compensation plan material does also mention a 5% bonus pool and 3 and 5 star membership rank system – but this appears to not be implemented yet as no further information about either programs is provided.

Joining Travista Worldwide

Travista Worldwide membership is $896. This $896 however is not paid upfront, rather Travista Worldwide members must pay $287 for their first month followed by $87 a month for 7 months.

Thereafter, Travista Worldwide membership is $29.95 a month.

The company does mention retail customers, but no separate pricing is given so I can only assume that Travista Worldwide’s retail customers and members are one and the same.


Like every travel club based MLM company I’ve ever seen, Travista Worldwide’s main problem is that there is no true retail offering.

Because the company itself doesn’t handle any of the travel side of the business, instead all they manage are the memberships. Indeed, Travista Worldwide’s affiliate arrangement with Reservation Services International is by no means exclusive – RSI will provide the same offer to anyone looking to run their own travel club.

Despite Travista Worldwide attempting to reassure you that someone purchasing membership to the company and not recruiting anyone themselves is a retail sale, the fact of the matter is it’s still a membership sale.

Ultimately, be it retail or membership – whatever Travista want to call it, I still can’t purchase anything from Travista or the companies it is an affiliate of without purchasing the $896 membership.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, then there’s the issue that the entire compensation plan structure pays out only on the recruitment of members or the payment of membership fees.

The only way people cycle is via paying their monthly membership fee or recruiting new members. In that sense the compensation plan, and therefore commissions are completely detached from the travel side of the business.

There’s no incentive to even bother marketing the travel side of the business as you get no commissions for doing so. Just sign people up, encourage them to do so and wait until the new members dry up – people stop paying their monthly membership and the entire Travista Worldwide opportunity collapses on itself.

Despite the flashy terms like ‘Dual Maxfinity’, ‘self perpetuating matrices’ and what not, all we’re looking at here with Travitsa Worldwide is yet another travel club MLM company that pays out commissions solely on the recruitment of new members.