traffic-monsoon-logoSometime over the last 24 hours the Traffic Monsoon Receivership website has gone live.

This website will be the main method of communicating with customers and the public. We strongly encourage interested persons to check the website frequently as it will be updated as new information is obtained.

You may also contact the Receiver using the contact information listed below. Please note, at this time the preferred method of contacting the Receiver is via e-mail.

Having only just been appointed, the Receiver is in the process of gathering information requesting assistance from Traffic Monsoon affiliates.

As Receiver and pursuant to the Court’s Orders, Ms. Hunt has taken control of the assets of Traffic Monsoon and Mr. Scoville and is in the process of gathering information.

If you have information that you believe would be helpful in the Receiver’s investigation, please email Ms. Hunt.

At this stage in the process, the Receiver has only limited information. As such, she encourages interested and affected parties to utilize this website or call the hotline at toll-free in North America 888-522-8926 or outside of North America +1-503-520-4483 with inquiries.

Note that the Receiver likely has a copy of the Traffic Monsoon affiliate database, along with a copy of the transaction database Scoville has already provided the SEC .

A FAQ is featured on the Receivership website, in which a number of common questions Traffic Monsoon affiliates are likely asking themselves are answered.

I cannot log into my account, when will I be able to?

Pursuant to a Court order Traffic Monsoon is not legally allowed to operate, accounts have been locked and assets have been frozen.


Will I get all of my money back?

It is too soon to determine how much investors will receive or when. The Receiver is working to protect the assets in receivership, but there is no way to predict at this early date how much will be returned or when that will happen.


Should I hire a lawyer?

While we cannot provide you legal advice, you certainly have the right to hire or consult with your own lawyer.

As authorized by the Court, however, the Receiver will be investigating all potential claims or methods of recovery that she can bring for the benefit of investors.

Going forward, the Receiver advises ‘in the coming weeks, parties in interest, including those who purchased ad plans, can expect to receive a letter from Ms. Hunt with additional information.

Stay tuned…