The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed a class-action clawback complaint, targeting top net-winners in the $175 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

The Traffic Monsoon clawback lawsuit was filed on April 22nd, following court approval in late March.

The Receiver’s ambitious clawback lawsuit targets 4819 net-winners, each of whom withdrew a net of $1000 or more.

Together, Traffic Monsoon’s 4819 net-winner defendants stole over $48 million from Traffic Monsoon victims.

The Receiver’s clawback lawsuit seeks to recover amounts illegally paid to Traffic Monsoon net-winners.

Named defendants in the clawback lawsuit, aka Traffic Monsoon’s worst scammers, and the amounts they stole include:

  • Imtiaz Aslam (aka Immy Aslam) from the UK – invested $10,825 and withdrew $5,095,096
  • Piotr Chajkowski from Poland – invested $45,751 and withdrew $874,820
  • Vincent Boutin from Canada – invested $207,124 and withdrew $968,665
  • Maurizio Longo from Italy – invested $52.65 and withdrew $607,174
  • Ernest Ganz from Florida in the US – invested $344 and withdrew $448,369
  • David Barker from North Carolina in the US – invested $23,177 and withdrew $363,596
  • Mohammed Yasin from the UK – invested $9,850 and withdrew $349,529
  • Adil Khan from the UK – invested $12,272 and withdrew $328,663
  • Javediqbal Naeem from the UK – invested $67,793 and withdrew $355,332
  • Limited By Invitation (a UK limited partnership) – invested $8588 and withdrew $260,519
  • Sharon James from the UK – invested $2254 and withdrew $249,758

The above defendants have been designated class-representatives, meaning they will defend the case on behalf of the net-winner class.

Traffic Monsoon was a Ponzi scheme shut down by the SEC in July 2016.

Forensic analysis by the SEC and appointed Receiver revealed that 98% returns paid out were sourced from new investment.

At the time of its shut down, Traffic Monsoon had taken in $175 million and generated over $700 million in ROI liabilities.