I’m not sure when exactly it happened but earlier this year, possibly in late 2021, Total Life Changes founder and CEO, Jack Fallon, fancied himself a crypto bro.

To that end, Total Life Changes put out an ad looking for an “NFT/ Crypto Specialist”:

TLC Coin was then unleashed upon unsuspecting distributors on February 10th:

Fallon appears to have fallen pretty far down the crypto marketing rabbithole.

Total Life Changes claimed TLC Coin was “more than crypto”;

In reality, TLC Coin was your typical MLM crypto cash grab.

Total Life Changes launched TLC Coin in February 2022 itself.

TLC Coin is believed to be a BEP-20 shitcoin. These take a few minutes to set up at little to no cost.

Total Life Changes enticed distributors to invest with promises of “ongoing rewards such as all expenses paid vacations, the latest electronics, jewelry and more!”

Underneath that was the usual “monthly rewards” securities fraud. To qualify for that distributors had to invest in 10,000 TLC Coins or more.

Cashing out TLC Coin was funded through recruitment of new customers investors:

TLC will use a portion of its marketing spend to recruit new customers.

TLC will then use 50% of ALL net profits generated by these new customers to buy back TLC tokens, which will then be burned or rewarded back to the most loyal community members.

The original plan was to fleece Total Life Changes distributors for as much as they could, and then dump TLC Coin on the public.

But something went horribly wrong… and by the end of March 2022 TLC Coin was abandoned.

Instead of running its TLC Coin grift on its website, Total Life Changes funnelled distributor investors into a Telegram group.

Telegram groups are synonymous with crypto scams.

After the initial announcement, Total Life Changes scheduled an “NFT Party” in Las Vegas on February 17th.

I wasn’t able to pin down any footage of this event so I’m not 100% on whether it actually went ahead.

What I do know is Total Life Changes’ NFT collections flopped… hard.

Total Life Changes evidently intended to host a “world tour” of NFT grift events, the first of which was to be held in Las Vegas.

Attached to this was an NFT collection named “Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas”.

This Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas gifted NFT gives you access too [sic] our Thursday Night NFT Party February 17th 2022 & All Current/Future Holders get first in line priority to future releases!

33 TLC “World Tour” NFTs were sold to bagholders.

Other NFTs Total Life Changes attempted to flog, dating back to late 2021, include “Core Value #2: Passion Is Our Fuel” (7 sales out of 100):

“Rare The Notorious B.I.G. & Jack Fallon” (no buyer to date):

Jack Fallon is Biggie Smalls Biggest Fan And Share The Same Birthday Too! This NFT Was Created By The Talented Jimi The Vth Of TLC’s AVTEAM. It Is One Of A Kind.

“Core Value #1: We Are Always Hungry For More” (20 sold out of 1000 NFTs)

And “8 Bit Arcade” (6 sold out of 50 NFTs):

TLC Coin’s official Twitter profile was abandoned on February 11th:

Total Life Changes acquired the domain (“tlccoin.io”) in October 2021. As far as I know it was never actually used.

By mid March Total Life Changes was giving away NFTs as a product bundle:

The last post on Total Life Changes’ TLC Coin Telegram group is dated March 5th.

Presumed to initially be an exit-scam announcement, the post has since been deleted.

After the March 2022 exit-scam, Total Life Changes never mentioned crypto or NFTs on their website or social media accounts again.

How much Total Life Changes distributors lost to Jack Fallon’s crypto bro grift remains unknown.

Total Life Changes isn’t the only US-based MLM company to go through a cryptocurrency disaster this year.

Back in April Tranont announced a “TranontCoin” investment scheme:

Tranont scheduled TranontCoin’s launch for June 2022.

Tranont will be the first company of its kind to offer cryptocurrency as a means to generate income and reward business-building activities, like having a monthly Subscription order, attending Tranont events, and more.

More information on Tranont Coin will come in June 2022.

After the April 2022 launch announcement, Tranont never mentioned TranontCoin again.