Following an extensive internal investigation, BehindMLM can confirm TLC Trading’s fictional CEO is played by Tomas Malodobry.

Malodobry, aka Tomasz Malodobry and Томаш Малодобры, is a Polish national with ties to Armenia.

As Armen Sargasyan, TLC Trading has Malodobry dressed up in a wig and glasses.

When he’s not fronting MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, Malodobry appears to be somewhat of an academic.

  • Graduate of the Jagiellonian University, Department of Management and Social Communication
  • Scholar of the US Department of State
  • Academic Lecturer at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow
  • gained experience on many international projects, including the position of Executive Director of the Museum of Jewish Remembrance in Krakow, and the Representative of the Management Board of Apollo Film sp.zoo
  • organizer of many exhibitions and cultural events, including Armenians in the Service of the Republic of Poland and the Polonia Wyklętym, Polonia Flags series of runs
  • Polonia activist
  • President of the Management Board of the Macierz Polonia Center Development Foundation
  • originator of the idea of ​​renovating the last wooden house of prayer in Wiśniowa in the Małopolska province and transforming it into a Literary Center with a historical room showing the history of Jews in the Myślenice district
  • advocate of corporate social responsibility
  • CSR implementation practices in cultural institutions
  • expert in the field of multiculturalism in Poland as well as Polish-Israeli relations
  • privately, a lover of books and traveling

In April 2022 the United Nations Economic and Social Council awarded Malodobry a medal of recognition.

Today, at the UN ECOSOC headquarters in Yerevan, Tomasz Małodobry from Poland received a medal and distinction.

Tomasz Małodobry has been active for several years to build Armenian-Polish relations, he was also the first to initiate humanitarian aid organized by Polish deputies for the victims of the 2020 war  in the face of the current war situation in Ukraine.

He actively helped the Embassy of Armenia in Poland by organizing support for Armenian refugees who escaped from the war.

Not really sure how we went from all that to “fake CEO of an MLM crypto Ponzi” but here we are.

TLC Trading is a reboot of the collapsed Trade Like Crazy Ponzi scheme. The scam is believed to be run by Polish and/or Russian scammers hiding in Dubai.

If you’re wondering what the connection between Malodobry and Russian scammers is;

Tomasz Małodobry is Polish a cultural manager, entrepreneur and social activist.

He is the President of the Centrum Macierz Polonia. Tomasz Małodobr consistently provided pro-separatist comments for the Russian media.

In official marketing material, TLC Trading maintains Malodobry, as “Armen Sargasyan”, is a crypto bro “transforming the landscape of AI-based trading” (click to enlarge):

It should be noted Malodobry is the second actor to play Sargasyan. The first iteration of the fictional CEO was played by whoever this schmuck is:

In addition to lying about their CEO’s identity, TLC Trading was also recently caught out lying about a contract with Liga Insurance.