telexfree-logoPotentially bad news today as the massive scope of the TelexFree Ponzi scheme continues to cause issues with scheduling.

Despite massive amounts of data being sorted through and made available, there’s still sizeable quantities of data either going through the process of production or waiting to be produced.

Of primary concern are ‘data from email accounts and a cloud-based service‘ and

recordings made by undercover U.S. Homeland Security agents at a TelexFree conference and in conversation with a TelexFree participant.

An audit report of TelexFree’s Brazilian operations by Ernst & Young is also being translated from Portuguese.

Based on local media reports, the report concludes that ‘the activities of Telexfree has characteristics of a financial pyramid’.

The report has yet to be made public.

As per the Telegram;

The list of materials was contained in a motion filed last week by prosecutors and one defense lawyer (is) seeking to postpone a status conference set for Monday.

Whether the lawyer is representing James Merril or Carlos Wanzeler is unclear. What is clear however is that, if they get their way, the criminal case will be postponed until sometime in June.

That sets us back another two months, assuming the data in question is able to be produced within the proposed timeframe.

If it’s still pending, we can probably assume more delays.

On one hand it’s disappointing that the scope of TelexFree’s fraud means there’s so much data to sift and sort through before Merril and Wanzeler’s trial kicks off.

On the other, if their defense attorney’s aren’t given adequate time to prepare, a question mark will always linger over the proceedings.

The scheduled status conference is supposed to take place sometime today, with a Judge expected to make a decision on postponing it or not soon.

Personally I think we’re going to see the motion granted but, as always, stay tuned…