telexfree-logoAs per our last update on Sann Rodrigues’ visa fraud case, a Status Conference was scheduled for June 7th.

On June 6th a Joint Motion was filed, requesting a continuance of the scheduled conference until August.

Reasons for the delay include a substitution of attorneys on the DOJ side and a joint request for ‘additional time to confer about this case‘.

As of the time of the filing of this motion, the United States and the Defense have engaged in good faith discussions in an attempt to resolve this case without a trial.

Rodrigues’ attorneys are also

exploring options to be considered by the United States so as not to trigger deportation under conviction based grounds and determine if there is an offense where a waiver can be applied.

Rodrigues has plead not guilty to the visa fraud charges, however the above suggests the expectation of a conviction on some level.

Whether or not that conviction sees Rodrigues deported now appears to be the prime focus of the defense.

A new Status Conference has been scheduled for the 24th of August, with the stipulation that ‘no further continuances (will) be granted‘.

Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of the June 6th Joint Motion and Judge Bowler’s June 7th order.