Individually and through their D&L Trust, Linda and David Hackett stole over $1.2 million dollars from TelexFree victims.

Over four years since clawback proceedings were filed against them, the Hacketts have settled with the TelexFree Trustee.

Initially the Hacketts disputed the Trustee’s claims against them. They disagreed with how much the Trustee recorded they stole, despite the figure being put together from TelexFree’s own records.

After settlement negotiations between the parties stalled, the Trustee then went after the Hacketts interest in D&L Trust.

According to the Trustee, this brought the Hacketts back to the negotiation table.

As per a proposed settlement notice filed last month, the amount the Hacketts stole from TelexFree victims has been adjusted down to $580,000.

The Hacketts maintain they dispute this figure, based on

the validity of the methodology employed by the Trustee to determine the identity of New Winners and the amount of their Net Winnings.

Nevertheless, as per the settlement agreement the Hacketts will pay back $455,000.

The settlement releases any claims the Trustee has against the Hacketts and D&L Trust, and vice-versa.

The settlement between the parties was approved on April 27th.