faith-sloan-motion-denied-telexfree-sec-caseThe spectacle of the battle between one of the industry’s most prolific Ponzi pimps and the SEC continues.

Hat in hand and convinced that, despite her determination to flout recent court orders against her, Faith Sloan approached the Massachusetts District and demanded $15,800 in frozen funds be made available to her.

Sloan argued that, despite sinking $18,884 into another Ponzi scheme less than two months prior, without the $15,800 she’d have no money to live on or pay her rent and attorney.

Additionally, the Judge hearing the case ruled on May 7th that “no carve-outs” (of money) would be issued to defendants who did not comply with orders to declare their assets to the SEC.

Without even so much as an explanation, yesterday saw Sloan’s request wholly denied. On a photocopied page from Sloan’s original request, the words “motion denied” are scribbled along with Judge Gorton’s signature.

With Sloan continuing to ignore asset freeze orders and put up a “I knew nothing!” defense, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary (including an exhaustive online history of MLM Ponzi and pyramid scheme promotion), Sloan’s defeats in court are likely to continue.

Whether Sloan has since declared her assets to the SEC as the court ordered back on May 7th is unclear (last we heard she was “considering it“). However Gorton’s denial of her motion suggests she hasn’t.

Sloan has thousands of dollars in undeclared funds stashed away in Chinese bank accounts. Along with defeating the SEC case against her, Sloan’s actions indicate she’s hoping to come out the other side of TelexFree litigation with the funds she’s hidden offshore intact.

Along with other co-defendants who have filed similar “we made $100,000s, didn’t sell any VOIP but had no idea it was a Ponzi scheme” defenses, Sloan now waits for her Motion to Dismiss the SEC’s case against her to be ruled on.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don @ ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Gorton’s order.