Fabio Wanzeler, brother of TelexFree owner Carlos Wanzeler, is unhappy with his TelexFree settlement.

The settlement saw Wanzeler surrender two properties to the TelexFree Trustee, to settle $633,578 Wanzeler received as a TelexFree net-winner.

Wanzeler signed off on the settlement last November but now claims the Trustee added an addendum, which he never agreed to.

According to Wanzeler he only became aware of the addendum after being denied a loan. This supposedly lead him to BehindMLM’s article covering his settlement.

Fabio Wanzeler contacted behindmlm.com and asked the blogger about said material added into their blog, and requested to be removed those material from their blog.

During this conversation, the blogger accused Mr. Wanzeler many times of scammer and mentioned that the Trustee applied said comments into the Settlement Agreement and if Fabio Wanzeler needed to file any complaint that would be directly with the Trustee Chapter 11.

You can read my exchange with Wanzeler in the comments of our settlement article.

After Fabio Wanzeler read over the bankruptcy court filings … (he) learned that the Trustee applied an addendum of 26 pages to the Bankruptcy Court filings after the settlement has been signed.

This addendum was added into the settlement agreement without Fabio Wanzeler’s knowledge or consent.

In light of his findings, Wanzeler has requested the court remove the addendum.

On February 11th the TelexFree Trustee filed his response.

As per the Trustee’s filing;

The (settlement) agreement was not altered in any way upon filing with the Court.

Mr. Wanzeler has apparently misunderstood the Settlement Motion filed by the Chapter 11 Trustee, and otherwise required as part of a request for relief under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9019, as being part of or an “addendum” to the Agreement.

It is unclear the relief sought by Mr. Wanzeler, other than to deny generally the allegations asserted against him in the case and forming the basis of the settlement.

Because the Settlement Motion was approved by final order of the Court and Mr. Wanzeler is not contesting the terms of the Agreement that he signed, the Chapter 11 Trustee requests that the Motion be deemed moot.

The Trustee acknowledges that despite Wanzeler’s February 6th objection filing, he is otherwise complying with the terms of the settlement.

A hearing on the matter has been scheduled for March 5th. Stay tuned…