A serial scammer has been fired following revelations she tried to recruit students into dubious MLM schemes.

Albeda College is an educational institution in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Last September the Albeda College school board received complaints from students over a teacher trying to recruit them into “high-risk investments”.

When confronted by the school board the teacher, who had been working at the college since 2005, admitted to having been involved Four Corners Alliance Group and Omnia Tech.

This was enough for the school to suspend the teacher pending further investigation.

An internal investigation by the school board revealed the teacher had recently been trying to recruit students into LifePlus and OneCoin.

The teacher solicited her students in person and via social media.

One (Turkish?) student who claimed to not have any money was told;

Yes, that’s why you have to do this kind of thing, so that your money will meanwhile make money for you.

Turks are really 200 times smarter than coolies, so they take over everything.

Alexa traffic estimates reveal LifePlus is being kept afloat via recruitment in Germany.

OneCoin affiliates meanwhile haven’t been able to withdraw promised ROIs since January, 2017.

Whether LifePlus or OneCoin had a problem with one of their affiliates soliciting college students is unclear.

In light of these revelations, the Albeda College school board accused the teacher of

encouraging often entrusted, often vulnerable, students to spend money on dubious health and financial products (…) for her own financial gain.

Albeda College took the teacher to court. Upon hearing the case, a Judge granted the school permission to terminate the teacher’s employment contract without compensation.

According to the judge, a school must be a safe environment, and it is not that when pupils are approached to buy products or make risky investments.

The judge considered the practices of the lecturer desperate because the students have a limited level of education and are therefore more vulnerable.

Bad enough when adults lie to rip each other off through MLM scams. A teacher targeting vulnerable students from a position of trust is reprehensible.