It appears a dispute has broken out between the scammers behind the SwissCoin Ponzi scheme.

In a press-release the Swiss law firm Kanzler Schulenberg & Schenk have announced they’ve obtained an interim injunction against the scheme.

According to the press-release, SwissCoin was up until recently under the control of Eurosolution GmbH.

As per BehindMLM’s SwissCoin review, Eurosolution GmbH is a Swiss company headed up by CEO Werner Marquetant.

Kanzler Schulenberg & Schenk, presumably representing Marquetant, allege that last November Eurosolution GmbH lost control of SwissCoin.

Eurosolution GmbH had been working with unnamed individuals running Elster Tonic GmbH. Elster Tonic GmbH is purportedly run out of Leipzig, Germany.

Apparently the Germans just cut Eurosolution GmbH and Marquetant out, prompting legal action.

Swiss Euro-Solution GmbH, with the help of our law firm, obtained an interim injunction against its previously appointed German companies, prohibiting the operation of the Swisscoin distribution system by companies other than the Swiss Euro-Solution GmbH.

The naming of non-listed companies on the website as well as the misleading and untrue titling of non-entitled persons as “Managing Director of Swisscoin” were also prohibited.

Swiss Euro-Solution GmbH are claiming ‘the sensitive data of its sales partners were not distributed unauthorized from Leipzig’, however having temporary lost control of SwissCoin, I don’t see how they’re promising that.

Nevertheless the injunction also prohibits Elster Tonic GmbH from passing on SwissCoin affiliate data with third-parties.

To what extent Elster Tonic GmbH are bound to the Swiss injunction is unclear.

You’ve basically got scammers in Switzerland upset they’re not getting a slice of SwissCoin’s Ponzi profits. So they’ve sued their scamming counterparts in Germany, in the hope they regain control of the company.

Under all of this you’ve got a Ponzi scheme that’s taken who knows how much money since it launched last year. If they can get away with it, scammers typically aren’t fussed about court-ordered injunctions.

At the time of publication the SwissCoin website is little more than a login page for affiliate investors. Veto-Concept AG [DE] is the company name that appears on the SSL certificate.