There is no information on the Surf Daily Ads website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 15th April 2012, however the domain registration information is set to private.

The hosting machine the Surf Daily Ads website runs on (IP: appears to be a private hosting machine and has previously hosted the website ‘JesusBux’ (

JesusBux was a MLM opportunity that paid members to view ads as well as any ads viewed by members they recruited into the scheme (.03 – .08 cents per ad). The JesusBux opportunity launched in May 2011 and appears to have collapsed shortly after.

The domain came up for renewal at the end of May 2012 but was not renewed by the owner.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Surf Daily Ads Product Line

Surf Daily Ads has no retailable products or services. Instead membership to the company is marketed by Surf Daily Ad members with the hope that people will sign up and invest money with the company.

Membership to Surf Daily Ads provides entry into two matrix systems as part of the compensation plan. Surf Daily Ads members are also given access to an autoresponder system and bundled advertising credits with each investment made.

These advertising credits can be used to advertise on an inhouse advertising network featured on the Surf Daily Ads website.

Members are also able to purchase $5 “ad packages” that the company guarantees a 1.8% daily ROI on, capped at 153%.

The Surf Daily Ads Compensation Plan

Surf Daily Ads offer their members three ways to earn money, all centered around a $15 monthly membership fee and purchase of $5 ad packages.

1.5% Daily ROIs

For each $5 ad package purchased by members, Surf Daily Ads guarantee a 1.8% daily ROI for a total ROI of 153% (85 days).

In order to receive these daily return, Surf Daily Ads members must view banner ads provided by the company (3 banners a day).

2×10 Matrix Commissions

Upon paying $15 to join Surf Daily Ads, members are placed in a company wide 2×10 matrix. A 2×10 matrix starts with you at the top and branches out into two legs below you. In turn, these two legs branch out into another two legs and so on and so forth, down 10 levels.

The first few levels of a 2×10 matrix look something like this:

As new members sign up to Surf Daily Ads they are placed within this matrix and Surf Daily Ads pay you out a commission for each member you have in your matrix at the end of the month.

How much of a commission you are paid per member depends on what level they are on:

  • levels 1 to 3 – 25 cents (14 members)
  • level 4 – $1 (16 members)
  • levels 5 to 9 – 25 cents (992 members)
  • level 10 – $1.50 (1024 members)

Commissions are paid out as long as everyone keeps paying their monthly membership fees.

3×2 Matrices

In addition to the 2×10 matrix above, each month of paid membership fees buys additional entry into a 3×2 matrix.

A 3×2 matrix operates in the same manner as a 2×10 matrix, except that each level has 3 members and the matrix is only 2 levels deep (12 positions are required to be filled).

Each time one of these 3×2 matrices fill, the Surf Daily Ads member at the top gets paid, is moved into a new level 3×2 matrix (7 levels in total) and is given free re-entry back into a level 1 3×2 matrix.

How much of a commission is paid out depends on the level of the 3×2 matrix that is filled:

  • Level 1 – $10
  • Level 2 – $15
  • Level 3 – $25
  • Level 4 – $100
  • Level 5 – $500
  • Level 6 – $10,000
  • Level 7 – $1,000,000

Forced re-investment

Note that 40% of all earnings, matrices and daily ad package ROIs, must be re-invested back into Surf Daily Ads via ad package purchases.

Referral Commissions

In addition to personal commissions, Surf Daily Ads also pay out a 2% commission on ad package investments and monthly member ship fees paid.

This referral commission is paid out down 5 levels (members you recruit are your level 1, members they recruit are your level 2 and so on and so forth).

Joining Surf Daily Ads

Membership to Surf Daily Ads is $15 a month.

Free members are able to earn referral commissions via recruiting new members and getting them to pay monthly membership and purchase ad packages. However if they themselves wish to cash out, free members must purchase matrix positions and/or ad packages (capped at 10 total).

Free members are of course subject to the 40% forced re-investment rule.


With no actual products or services being sold here at a retail level, what we’re looking at with Surf Daily Ads is a pyramid scheme (the matrices and monthly membership) being used to fund a Ponzi scheme (the ad package 1.8% daily ROIs).

100% of the revenue generated by Surf Daily Ads comes from members and is also used to pay out members. Surf Daily Ads attempt to manage their daily 1.8% liability on ad package purchases by forcing member to re-invest, but if you follow the money that still leads to members paying their monthly membership fees.

That in turn is dependent on members earning matrix commissions which only increases the payouts Surf Daily Ads needs to find revenue for. Then there’s the referral commissions and at the end of the day it’s quite easy to see that all of this just doesn’t add up. Nor is it even remotely sustainable.

At the end of the day you pay your monthly membership fees, earn your matrix commissions and then have to re-invest in ad packs. You can pump additional money into ad packs but those commissions have to come from somewhere. Where? Other member’s additional ad packages of course and new members signing up and keeping the matrices cycling.

Bottom line? No new members injecting money into this Ponzi/pyramid scheme hybrid and commissions will grind to a halt.

Whoever the owner is of Surf Daily Ads, their JesusBux business (also based around the viewing of ads) collapsed within a few short months and I imagine Surf Daily Ads will be no different.