surewin4u-logoSureWin4u appears to operate out of Malaysia and seems to have launched in 2011.

Credited as the CEO of SureWin4u on their website is a “Peter Ong”. Ong actual name is “Ong Kean Suan”, as identified in this article about his arrest in 2013.

ong-kean-suan-peter-ceo-surewin4uOng (right) was busted pretending to be a member of the Malaysian royal family under the name “Tengku Ong”. Ong committed the fraud in order to gain access to ‘discount hotel rooms at rates (provided to) government officials‘.

MLM wise, if Ong’s SureWin4u corporate bio can be believed, in 2009 he is credited with creating a

network sales model for the insurance industry for the first time and becom(ing) the company’s top regional manager in terms of monthly revenue.

The name of the company is not provided.

A “coffee shop franchise concept” is also mentioned which supposedly generated revenues of 300 million (MYR?), however this doesn’t appear to be MLM related.

Oh and purportedly Ong was ‘Malaysia’s youngest Crown champion in the history of the direct sales industry at the age of 20‘, whatever that means.

Read on for a full review of the SureWin4u MLM business opportunity.

The SureWin4u Product Line

SureWin4u has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates buy into the scheme and in exchange for their investment, are given access to a casino “classes”.

Both classes revolve around teaching purportedly super-secret Baccarat strategies, with lower level investors taught a strategy SureWin4u claims to have a 99.8% success rate.

Higher level investors are taught a strategy the company claims has a 100% success rate.

SureWin4u claim that when people use their strategies, they are engaging in “non-gambling”.

The SureWin4u Compensation Plan

The SureWin4u compensation plan revolves around affiliates investing at one of the following six levels:

  • Bronze – 7200 MYR ($2247 USD)
  • Silver – 18,000 MYR ($5619 USD)
  • Silver Platinum – 53,800 MYR ($16,796 USD)
  • Gold – 178,800 MYR ($55,822 USD)
  • Gold Platinum – 376,200 MYR ($117,452 USD)
  • Property – 340,200 MYR ($106,212 USD)

Once an affiliate has invested, they then qualify for the following commission payouts in the SureWin4u compensation plan.

Quarterly ROIs

On the 15th of January, April, July and October, SureWin4U pay out a quarterly ROI on all amounts affiliates invest with them.

Advertised ROIs in the SureWin4u compensation plan vary, according to how much an affiliate invests:

  • Bronze – 6-9% a month, capped at a total ROI of 21,000 MYR ($6548 USD)
  • Silver – 9-12% a month, capped at a total ROI of 54,000 MYR ($16,838 USD)
  • Silver Platinum – 10-13% a month, capped at a total ROI of 200,000 MYR ($62,363 USD)
  • Gold – 11-14% a month, capped at a total ROI of 700,000 MYR ($218,272 USD)
  • Gold Platinum – 12-18% a month, capped at a total ROI of 1,800,000 MYR ($561,272 USD)
  • Property – 6-10% a month, capped at a total ROI of 2,000,000 MYR ($623,625 USD)

Regarding the variably percentage ROI, SureWin4u claim in their compensation plan that

the bonus will grow steadily over the year, with the smallest bonus in Oct and the highest in July.

No reason for the predictability of the ROI percentage fluctuation or why it occurs in a pattern is provided.

Note that if affiliates recruit new affiliates who invest in at the level they did, they can increase their ROI payout by as much as 100%:

  • personally recruit 6 Bronze affiliates – 20% increase
  • personally recruit 12 Bronze affiliates – 60% increase
  • personally recruit 20 Bronze affiliates – 100% increase

Note that these increases are only temporary, applying for a period of two months once achieved.

ROI Matching Bonus

A ROI Matching Bonus is paid out on all ROI payments made to SureWin4u affiliates. How much of a Matching Bonus is paid out depends on a SureWin4u affiliate’s membership rank:

  • Member III – 5% on level 1
  • Bronze – 5% on level 1 and 3% on level 2
  • Silver and higher – 5% on level 1, 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3, 0.5% on levels 4 and 5, 0.3% on levels 6 and 7, 0.2% on levels 8 and 9 and 0.1% on levels 10 to 18.

Note that the levels mentioned above refer to levels of recruitment. Personally recruited affiliates are level 1, affiliates they recruit are level 2 and so on and so forth.

Referral Commissions

A referral commission of up to 20% is paid out on all SureWin4u affiliate investments, with how much of a percentage being paid out depending on the affiliate level of the recruiting affiliate:

  • Member I – 5%
  • Member II – 8%
  • Member III – 10%
  • Bronze – 12%
  • Silver 15%
  • Silver Platinum and Gold – 18%
  • Gold Platinum – 20%

Bronze to Gold Platinum ranks correspond to affiliate investments, but no information is provided on how an affiliate qualifies as a Member I to Member III.

Note that this is a differential bonus, with the difference paid out to an affiliates upline. Eg. if a Member III affiliate earns a referral commission (10%), the system looks at their upline for a Bronze or higher ranked affiliate to pay out.

The system will continue to search the upline until a Gold Platinum is eventually found, paying them whatever percentage at that time remains unpaid.

Matrix Commissions

There seems to be some sort of matrix commissions in SureWin4u, but the provided explanation makes no sense:


From the looks of it, SureWin4u appear to use a 3×18 matrix, although I’m not sure what those numbers correspond to. If I had to guess, they might be monthly or once-off investment rewards payable in MYR.

Manager Bonus

If a SureWin4u affiliate manages to convince three new affiliates to invest at the Bronze level, they obtain Manager status.

When this happens, their direct upline receives a “Manager Bonus” commission. How much of a commission is paid out depends on the upline affiliate’s membership rank.

Note that the SureWin4u compensation plan only provides payouts for the Gold Platinum affiliate rank:

  • level 1 – 60,000 MYR ($18,732 USD)
  • level 2 – 6000 MYR ($1873 USD)
  • level 3 and 4 – 1800 MYR ($561 USD)
  • levels 4 to 12 – 600 MYR ($187 USD)

Agency Bonus

Described as “the best way to make money with SureWin4u”, the Agency bonus requires an affiliate to recruit new affiliates and get them to invest:

  • 1 star Manager – recruit 9 Bronze or six Silver affiliates
  • 2 Star Manager – have at least three 1 Star Managers in your immediate downline and either 6 Bronze or 3 Silver personally recruited affiliates
  • 5 Star Manager – have at least three 2 Star Managers in your immediate downline and either 6 Bronze or 3 Silver personally recruited affiliates
  • 7 Star Manager – have at least three 5 Star Managers in your immediate downline and either 6 Bronze or 3 Silver personally recruited affiliates
  • 10 Star Manager – have at least nine 7 Star Managers in your immediate downline

Note that the following percentage values correspond to the above ranks:

  • 1 Star Manager – 2%
  • 2 Star Manager – 3%
  • 5 Star Manager – 5%
  • 7 Star Manager – 6%
  • 10 Star Manager – 8%

However no explanation is provided as to what these percentages pay out on (investment amounts by Star qualified affiliates?).

Joining SureWin4u

Affiliate membership costs for SureWin4u are tied into investment in one of their packages:

  • Bronze – 7200 MYR ($2247 USD)
  • Silver – 18,000 MYR ($5619 USD)
  • Silver Platinum – 53,800 MYR ($16,796 USD)
  • Gold – 178,800 MYR ($55,822 USD)
  • Gold Platinum – 376,200 MYR ($117,452 USD)
  • Property – 340,200 MYR ($106,212 USD)


The obvious flaw in SureWin4u’s 100% success rate baccarat strategy ruse is that, if it existed, Ong Kean Suan wouldn’t need anybody’s money to profit from it.

Money from a loan, his own money, that of his family’s… with a 100% win rate it wouldn’t matter, he’d be in profit in no time. Grab a laptop, create an account at an online casino and away you go.

The SureWin4u FAQ quotes an estimate daily ROI of 10% company-wide using the strategy, so there’s really no need for affiliate investment at all. Unless…

With the baccarat strategy ruse out of the way, what we’re left with is a simple Ponzi scheme. Affiliates buy in and Ong Kean Suan uses that money to pay off existing investors.

ROIs staggered monthly and only paid out every quarter meaning that when the inevitably collapse hits, affiliates are unlikely to see it coming. With access to the amount of money coming and what he owes investors though, Ong no doubt will and that’s when he’ll likely disappear.

Hell, even if there was a mythical 100% win rate strategy for baccarat, still the concept of paying SureWin4u and then getting them to play the strategy (the alleged source of the ROIs the company pays out), makes no sense.

Pay your fee, learn the strategy and go and use it yourself.

SureWin4u creating a >100% ROI liability for each dollar they bring in makes little sense outside of the obvious Ponzi scheme business model Ong Kean Suan is using to pay off existing investors.

What’s really eye-opening is the hundreds of thousands of dollars in play at the upper investment levels. With ROI caps in place, naturally the idea is that affiliates will re-invest much, if not all of their winnings and progress up the investment levels.

Quite obviously it’d only take a few of the top-level investments to mature to bankrupt the system, and when that happens… losing a few thousand dollars in a Ponzi scheme is bad enough, but a hundred thousand or more?

That’s one heck of an expensive lesson in the pitfalls of Ponzi schemes.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that SureWin4u already appears to already be on the Malaysian regulatory radar.

Listed as “Dream Success International Sdn Bhd (1002002-P)”, SureWin4u appears on a list ‘of known companies and websites which are not authorised nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by‘ the Central Bank of Malaysia.


How diligent Malaysian regulators are when it comes to scams I can’t say but as above, SureWin4U was added to the list for “unlicensed activities” in September of 2013. The company remains at large today.