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Tellus Mall Review: E-commerce & matrix recruitment

Tellus Mall went into prelaunch in early 2015. No corporate address is provided on the company’s website, however the Tellus Mall website domain was registered with an address in New Brunswick, Canada. A promo on the Tellus Mall website advises visitors that the company “partners with Spinding and Social Zing”: Spinding went into prelaunch in early 2014 [Continue reading…]

Spinding set to relaunch, where is the app???

Spinding went into prelaunch in January and offered affiliates cycler positions. Priced between $30 – $1890, the company required a constant stream of new affiliates to buy positions in the cyclers to keep paying out positions at the top. Being the legal compliance disaster that it was, it was entirely unsurprising that the official launch [Continue reading…]

Spinding launch delayed due to compliance issues

Spinding, an MLM opportunity that offers affiliates participation in a series of $30 to $1890 cycler queues, has been having issues securing a credit card payment option for its affiliates. Promised late last week, it turns out that the company was initially approved, however pending further compliance review, the terms of the agreement were then [Continue reading…]

Paul Nash “hopes” Spinding isn’t a Ponzi scheme

Ken Russo, a Spinding affiliate who markets the opportunity as a “passive revenue share with immense potential”, recently sent off some questions to owner Paul Nash about the business. Whilst refreshingly honest in the sea of psuedo-compliance that plagues the MLM revenue-sharing niche, Nash’s reply was still somewhat (unintentionally?) revealing.

SpinDing Review: $30 – $1890 cycler positions

There is no information on the SpinDing website indicating who owns or runs the business. The SpinDing website domain (“spinding.com”) was registered on the 22nd of September 2013, naming a “Peter Nelson” as the owner. A PO Box address in the British Virgin Islands (a known tax-haven) is also provided. Who Peter Nelson is and [Continue reading…]