Friends it was not Mr. Navneet Khosla who had filed the criminal PIL in Mumbai HC, but it was Mr. Raj Mani.

His lawyers have asked for a weeks time to withdraw the criminal PIL which has been granted by the Hon’ble Judge. Now the PIL will be withdrawn next week

Information courtesy Aman Azad (AISPA crony)

Shortly after the criminal PIL involving Speak Asia yesterday, the above was the announcement put out by Aman Azad, who has strong ties to the All India Speak Asia Panelist Association (AISPA).

This news was then circulated by the usual cheer-leading Facebook pages and pro-Speak Asia blogs as fact.

My immediate response was to question why it would take another week to withdraw the PIL? I mean surely if Rajmani wanted to withdraw the PIL it simply could have been done there and then by his advocate Vinod S. Chate (Rajmani was not present at the PIL hearing yesterday).

After all, the two of them had already had a week to discuss the matter, why wait another whole week?

As usual, turns out there’s more to this story. A lot more.

The narrative Speak Asia and those heavily financially invested in the company want you to believe is that next week Mr. Rajmani will walk into court and simply withdraw his criminal PIL.

The idea here being that because of the mediation committee formed last week, this PIL is no longer needed. What Speak Asia and their supporters don’t tell you however is that the other withdrawn PIL’s were of a civil nature and revolved around one thing and one thing only; ‘give us out money and allow Speak Asia to restart business so we can sucker more people into the scam!’

As such, with the forming of the Lahoti Committee they are of course made redundant.

Rajmani’s PIL on the other hand is criminal and involves holding Speak Asia legally accountable for running an obvious ponzi scheme between May 2010 and May 2011.

The forming of the Lahoti Committee naturally has nothing to do with this.

Of course that doesn’t stop Speak Asia and their supporters from inventing a narrative to fit their agenda. And the more ridiculous this agenda becomes when contrasted to the reality before them, the more they seek to clamp down on factual information being circulated amongst Speak Asia’s panelists.

Yesterday the primary Facebook group (SpeakAsian Powers)  for Speak Asia banned the mention of ‘any other blog(s)‘ that weren’t under their control.

Manish Jain:



Just under a week ago AISPA Secretary Ashok Bahirwani informed panelists that from then on he was ‘not going to be discussing the SAOL matter on phone’.

And despite the constant orders barked down to panelists that they should only accept news from Speak Asia’s official Blogspot blog, this hasn’t been updated for nearly 2 weeks.

Meanwhile Speak Asia CEOs Harendar Kaur and Manoj Kumar along with COO Tarak Bajpai haven’t been publicly seen or heard from in months.

Yes, as the sources of information dry up those left are doing everything they can to control what gets out there and how it is presented. And if you present or discuss  anything to the contrary, watch out.

Navniit Kkhosla filed the original

complaint (that) was registered as FIR no. 153 dated 28.07.2011 by Police Station Nirmal Nagar, Bandra (East), Mumbai.

(This FIR was then) transferred to the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police where it was numbered as CR no. 60 of 2011

and resulted in the arrests of Speak Asia’s officials back in July.

Pursuant to Rajmani’s PIL the EOW came into the picture and thereafter registered my FIR.

The Bombay High Court has been getting updates on the progress of the investigation by the EOW in my (Kkhosla’s) complaint.

Kkhosla contacted me last night following the PIL hearing yesterday and has provided further information regarding what exactly happened.

When the matter – Criminal PIL No. 30 of 2011 – was heard today in Court Room No. 21 the byHon’ble Bench of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, wherein Hon’ble Justice Shri Justice S. A. Bobde and Hon’ble Smt. Justice V. K. Tahilramani were presiding, the petitioner Mr. Rajamani and his advocate Vinod S. Chate sought an adjournment for one week as he had not been able to take instructions for further progress in the matter.

This was agreed and I was not heard.

I’m not entirely sure why Rajamani and Chate hadn’t discussed what further progress to take but I have requested further clarification on the matter.

Additionally, Kkhosla also shared some interesting insight into the withdrawal of the AISPA PIL last week.

The hearing on 16.11.11 was held in the Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Bombay wherein the advocate for All India Speak Asia Panelists Association had sought permission to withdraw the case filed by them.

The Hon’ble Court was pleased to permit the withdrawal of PIL Petition (Stamp) No. 51 of 2011 which was pending at Pre Admission stage.

Also to be submitted was an intervention application by Kkhosla, however his

Intervention Application, being Chamber Summons No. 286 of 2011 in PIL Petition (Stamp) No. 51 of 2011, was not taken up as I (Kkhosla) was late in coming to Court.

As a result the Lahoti Committee order ahead and AISPA was granted a withdrawal.

As to the specifics of Kkhosla’s proposed Intervention Application (Chamber Summons No. 286 of 2011 in PIL Petition (Stamp) No. 51 of 2011), Kkhosla had objected when at

the earlier hearing of PIL Petition (Stamp) No. 51 of 2011 in the Bombay High Court, Advocate Abad Ponda had submitted in Court in the proceedings that Speak Asia was selling goods like mobile phones, etc through the MLM mode.

I had recorded this misrepresentation of Advocate Abad Ponda as well as the false claim of AISPA that it claimed to represent 20 lakh panelists of Speak Asia and other matters.

The misrepresentation of Advocate Abad Ponda as well as the false claim of AISPA that it represented 20 lakh panelists of Speak Asia and other matters was recorded in Chamber Summons No. 286 of 2011 in PIL Petition (Stamp) No. 51 of 2011.

Now if I’m reading that right, on top of lying to the courts about a business model they never used, Speak Asia are now also claiming in court they were selling electronic goods…?

How on Earth is this possible?!

The one and only shipment of goods by Speak Asia was seized after it arrived from China and was to be delivered to a pizza shop in September, 4 months after the business operations of Speak Asia were effectively shut down.

And to date, not one person in the company has bought a single electronic item from Speak Asia.


Because Speak Asia never changed its business model!

Even today, the only business model the company has used primarily paid out commissions on the recruitment of others, whilst paying out peanuts for completing surveys the company commissioned for itself in Mumbai (ie. they were fake).

Yet here is Speak Asia’s advocate Abad Ponda, lying to the court with a straight face telling them that Speak Asia sold electronic goods to panelists!

As for what happens next week, one would hope that Rajmani and Chate discuss an appropriate further course of action (which may or may not be a withdrawal, I haven’t had clarification on this point either way).

In the meantime Kkhosla plans to, if permitted, raise the following questions ‘when Criminal PIL No. 30 of 2011 is next heard in the Bombay High Court if I am permitted to do the same by the Hon’ble Court‘;

1. Does Speak Asia have a VAT registration no.?

2. Does Speak Asia have a Central Sales Tax registration no.?

3. What is the name of city and state where Speak Asia has registered for a VAT no. as well as Central Sales Tax no.?

4. What is the date on which Speak Asia has registered for a VAT no. as well as Central Sales Tax no.?

And why is having a VAT Registration and Central Sales Tax registration number important?


if Speak Asia does not have a VAT and Central Sales Tax registration then Speak Asia is either evading taxes or has never sold any goods as you have pointed out.

Perhaps Aman Azad, Ashok Bahirwani or any of the other unofficial top brass pushing for Speak Asia’s legitimacy can provide us with this information…

What’s ultimately alarming is that in the absence of action from the ED, EOW, CID, RBI, MCA and CID – who appear to be waiting for a December report from the SFIO, the Rajmani PIL is currently the only action taking Speak Asia to task over their lies and fraud.

While Speak Asia themselves remain silent on current legal matters over the last few weeks, you’ll of course note that none of this is being relayed to panelists from their usual sources.

Instead, you simply get the one-sided fictional narrative Aman Azad and friends are pushing out there on behalf of Speak Asia. And as for AISPA, I think Bahirwani’s lack of updates regarding recent events speak for themselves.

Perhaps finally Bahirwani’s own conscience has caught up to him and he struggles with how to justify and spin the recent lies of Speak Asia selling electronic goods in court to those that have put their trust in him.

At this point I’d like to stress that I am in no way personally involved in Kkhosla’s actions or the Rajmani PIL. I additionally have no vested financial interest in Speak Asia or any of its competitors. I am publishing based on the information at hand, as it stands before me.

I do however acknowledge that until the government agencies officially begin court action against Speak Asia, that this PIL and the associated activity around it is the only public fight against Speak Asia hoping to make them accountable for being the ponzi scheme that they are.

Lies being told in court, management in hiding and misinformation being spread by its members at every turn… quite honestly, look very closely and ask yourself if this is even a company worth fighting for and supporting anymore?

Whatever lies you were sold about the legitimacy, ethics and leadership of Speak Asia have time and time again failed you. And these lies they’ve scattered on their way out are all that’s left.

Kkhosla has requested that anyone interested in a ‘joint effort to get justice and recovery of money invested with Speak Asia‘, contact him at: speakasiainvestors@gmail.com

I am fighting alone and would like other investors who have lost the money invested by them In the fraudulent survey scheme of Speak Asia to contact for a joint effort to get justice.

Or you could just sit on your hands and believe whatever nonsense is fed to you by a company that does not communicate with you, Facebook groups who ban anyone who publishes anything that contradicts the ‘facts’ they publish, or associations like AISPA who claim to represent the best interests of the panelists, yet take no input from panelists before making any decisions and operate increasingly behind closed doors.

The choice is yours.


Footnote: This article originally appeared under a different title but upon further clarification and information had to be edited and significantly rewritten.

During this time I took it offline. As it stands now (24/11/2011) I believe it’s factually correct. Any further edits and/or corrections will be noted within the article itself.