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Solavei collapses, discontinues MLM opportunity

Mid 2014 saw Solavei drowning in $63 million dollars of debt, which in turn lead to the company filing for bankruptcy. Initial vendor costs and affiliate commissions were cited as primary reasons for the filing. What sounded like the end of the company later transitioned into maintaining Solavei’s business operations, albeit on a tight budget. [Continue reading…]

Solavei to work through bankruptcy on tight budget

Solavei’s First Motions bankruptcy hearing appears to have taken place today, with the court concluding As detailed in the Motion, the Debtor requires the use of Cash Collateral to continue its ongoing operations in the ordinary course of business, and in order to avoid disruption of such operations. The Court finds and concludes that the [Continue reading…]

Solavei drowning in $63M of debt, files for bankruptcy

$49 is competitive, but no cheaper or more expensive than T-Mob itself, and T-Mob offer much better phones and phone choices. MetroPCS already offers similar no-contract monthly fees for nationwide service. AND it offers 4G, something T-Mob does NOT have (they have HSPA+ which is not 4G, even by Australian standards). The question is does [Continue reading…]

Solavei Review: Cell phone service + affiliate cashback

Solavei (which is supposed to mean “sun in your veins” strangely enough), is a telecommunications MLM company, operating out of Bellevue in the US state of Washington. Solavei was founded by Ryan Wuerch in late 2011, with Wuerch also serving as the company’s CEO. Wuerch (photo right) was the Senior Vice President of ShapeRite (a [Continue reading…]