SociPays launched in June 2013 and is headed up by Thomas Greeen (also goes by “Tom Green”), who is credited as CEO of the company on the SociPays website.

Tom Green is a seasoned business professional with over 40 years of sales, marketing, and business management experience. Tom was introduced to network marketing in the 1970’s and had many successes.

He began marketing on the internet in 1994 and has owned several successful companies including Dynamics4Success, Web Factor 2, and Tours4Success.

Tom has built big downlines in many companies and he has the needed experience to lead to success.

Green appears to run his online ventures through the parent company “Techs4success Inc”, who are based out of the US state of Florida.

Despite Tech4Success’ US based address however, Green himself appears to be based out of the Philippines:


On the Techs4Success Inc BBB listing, an incorporation date of February 2005 is provided along with a “Thomas D Green” listed as the “Director/President”.

A supplied Techs4Success website domain on the BBB listing (“”) is no longer active. A few additional domains linked to Techs4Success Inc I checked are also not active.

Shortly after uploading some SociPays informational videos on his YouTube account (“4VNetwork”), Green began spamming several YouTube videos seeking to attract “special leaders”:

Forming a special leaders group to launch new program

Join and Get FREE $850 Plan 3 Upgrade

perfect for leaders and multiple positions and big payouts

Get paid when you cycle and get paid match for referral cycles.

7 separate 2 X 2 recycler matrixes fill only 6 slots

no graduating steps or connecting matrixes

Growing payout from $100 to $5,000.

Each Referral Pays avg $1,000 a Cycle Big Money Fast

(referral link and contact details removed)

Green left the above comment on affiliate marketer videos advertising Rocket Cash Cycler ($315 matrix-based pyramid scheme) and HourlyRevShare (recently collapsed $5 Ponzi investment scheme).


The selective targeting by Green of these two businesses indicates he felt affiliates of those two opportunities would find SociPays a good fit.

Read on for a full review of the SociPays MLM business opportunity.

The SociPays Product Line

SociPays has no retailable products or services, with affiliates being only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

As part of the SociPays business opportunity a social network called “Soci-Net” has been set up over at “”, however the site appears to have little to nothing to do with SociPays.

Once an affiliate has joined SociPays, they then have the option of buying into seven compensation plan levels, referred to by the company as “plans”.

Bundled with each SociPlay affiliate plan is are series of marketing products:

  • Plan 1 ($100) – 5 “certificates” that are used to assign sponsorless new affiliates when they sign up to the company
  • Plan 2 ($250) – a “marketing system” that appears to be geared towards SociPays affiliate recruitment
  • Plan 3 ($850) – a “classified ad” webpage on the Soci-Net social network, note that Plan 3 includes Plans 1 and 2 and doesn’t appear to be available separately
  • Plan 4 ($1850) – a “branded social media marketing channel” on the Soci-Net social network, also includes Plans 1 to 3
  • Plan 5 ($2350) – a “social media community” on the Soci-Pays social network, also includes plans 1 to 3
  • Plan 6 ($3350) – purchasing affiliate is ‘featured as a top member‘ on the Soci-Net social network, includes plans 1 to 3
  • Plan 7 ($5850) – purchasing affiliate is ‘placed in a position of authority and leadership‘ and ‘will help design the rules and web site features with other Charter Members‘, includes plans 1 to 3

The SociPays Compensation Plan

The SociPays compensation plan revolves around a 2×2 matrix attached to each of the company’s “plans”.

When an affiliate buys into one of the company’s plans, they purchase a position at the top of a 2×2 matrix.


A 2×2 matrix has two positions under it which inturn have another two positions under them each, making for a total of six positions needing to be filled.

Positions are filled either via positions purchased by directly recruited affiliates or indirectly recruited via an affiliate’s up and downlines.

When all six positions are filled, an affiliate “cycles out” of the matrix and earns a commission.

How much of a commission earnt depends on what level matrix they are cycling out of:

  • Plan 1 – $100
  • Plan 2 – $1050
  • Plan 3 – $2550
  • Plan 4 – $5550
  • Plan 5 – $7050
  • Plan 6 – $10,050
  • Plan 7 – $17,550

Note that for each matrix position an affiliate buys, two of the position in their matrix must be purchased by personally recruited affiliates (either newly recruited or previously recruited).

If an affiliate does not have these two positions when the matrix cycles, they are not paid a cycle commission but instead are given another position in another matrix. Their upline is also given another position to cover the matching bonus.

Once these two additional positions cycles an affiliate and their upline are then paid a commission, regardless of whether or not two positions in the second matrix are purchased by personally recruited affiliates.

There is a matching bonus available that pays on the two positions bought by an affiliate’s personally recruited affiliates. This matching bonus pays out the same as an affiliate’s own position as per the cycle commissions above.

Joining SociPays

Affiliate membership to SociPays is free, however affiliates must purchase matrix positions (a plan) if they wish to generate any commissions.

This effectively equates to affiliate participation in SociPays costing between $100 to $5850 or more depending on how many additional matrix positions are bought.


Not surprisingly SociPays’ social network has nothing to do with how commissions are generated paid in the company’s compensation plan.

The 7 soci plans are backed up by a solid guarantee setting a guaranteed minimum payout of $4,000 over 12 months for members that agree to upgrade through the 7 soci plans.

SociPays’ plan can be effectively broken down into seven levels, with each requiring a buy-in and only paying out once six additional buy-ins are made, two of which are directly tied into affiliate recruitment.

One could make the argument that affiliates are purchasing SociPays’ services with each position, however the fact that affiliates are able to purchase multiple positions at each buy-in level only emphasises  that they are buying matrix positions with any services simply bundled with the position.

Can Members Have Multiple Positions?

You can only own 1 position but you can purchase multiple plan upgrades. You can purchase as many plan 1, 2, and 3, upgrades as you want and you can purchase added plans 4 to 7 if you have a true business need.

The above, taken from the SociPays FAQ refers to positions as “upgrades”, however still clearly demonstrates that matrix positions are what are being purchased by affiliates.

Firstly this is problematic in that all revenue is generated by affiliates and paid out subject to how much money is deposited by affiliates by way of purchased positions. With the additional recruitment requirements per position purchased considers, SociPays as such fits the definition of a pyramid scheme.

Secondly the motivation behind an affiliate’s purchase is also drawn into question, as a purchase at each buy-in level is required to generate a commission within it. Rather than any inherent value bundled with a purchased position at any level, instead how much an affiliate spends can be directly correlated with their expected commission payout.

Take for example the “Charter Member” buy-in level (Plan 7), as described on the SociPays website:

Charter Member get the biggest share of profits.

The red flags of “pay to play” and recruitment dependency within the business model will inevitably create sustainability problems in the long-run.

Simply put, the Soci-Net social network merely serves as a front for the purchase of matrix positions by the company’s affiliates. Once the recruitment and position purchasing by affiliates stops, so too will SociPays’ commissions.