Desperate for a distraction after their Dubai ruse collapsed, Skyway Capital has signed Steven Seagal on for a celebrity endorsement.

Seagal appears in a recently uploaded marketing video, that appears to have been shot at Skyway Capital’s Belarus compound.

Not surprisingly, much of what Seagal has to say has nothing to do with Skyway Capital’s fraudulent investment scheme.

Seagal begins by boasting about “three very special wooden homes” he’s built.

He then states he’s “tried to live like this”, presumably in reference to Skyway Capital’s Belarus compound.

[0:53] Most of what you’re eating here, almost all of what you’re eating here is from your gardens.

This is how, y’know my wife and I, this is how we want to live. This is our dream, and it’s the dream of y’know most of my children and our children.

We believe in this kind of a lifestyle.

If you’re confused as to what any of that has to do with Skyway Capital’s fraudulent investment scheme, you’re not alone.

In what appears to be a loosely scripted rant, Seagal claims there are “engines that will run on water” and Nikola Tesla inventing “global free energy”.

Seagal claims these “zero energy technologies” have

[2:03] suppressed by y’know, certain groups that are big business and beyond big business.

And we also have, y’know, sort of um, non-human technology that we possess uh, in these, y’know, higher echelons… that y’know, could really change the world.

As far as we know nobody actually lives on Skyway Capital’s Belarus compound.

Like Dubai up until recently, Skyway Capital has a site in Belarus where they’ve built a mock transport system demo.

Beyond serving as a backdrop for Skyway Capital promo videos, like the one Seagal features in, the compound has nothing to do with Skyway’s investment opportunity.

Skyway Capital isn’t Seagal’s first endorsement of an MLM Ponzi scheme.

In early 2018 Seagal was appointed Brand Ambassador of Bitcoiin.

“I endorse this opportunity wholeheartedly,” Mr. Seagal told the participants at a recent meeting in B2g’s executive offices in Asia.

“I am excited about the management, and especially about the secure blockchain, underlying mining technology, and safeguards.”

Bitcoiin collapsed just over a month after Seagal’s endorsement, causing an estimated $75 million in investor losses.

As with Bitcoiin, how much Seagal has received for appearing in a Skyway Capital promotional video is unclear.

Skyway Capital’s latest ruse has seen affiliates invest thousands in worthless CryptoUnits, on the promise of an advertised 41,281% ROI.

CryptoUnits, along with earlier investment opportunities launched by Skyway Capital, has only lead to more investor losses.


Update 20th August 2022 – Steven Seagal’s Skyway Ponzi promo video has been marked private.

This article originally contained a link to the video but I’ve now disabled it.