The Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme might be running low on cash, prompting Skyway to announce both Skyway tokens and CryptoUnits.

Communication seems to be a problem at Skyway Ponzi HQ though, as both reload scams have been announced simultaneously.

This naturally caused confusion, prompting Skyway to issue clarification that they aren’t one and the same.

The launch of Skyway tokens is taking a backseat to CryptoUnits, which are supposedly good to go.

Before we continue, I just want to make a quick note on the silly claims that Skyway has nothing to do with the various shell companies it starts up.

Skyway is the brainchild of Anatoly Yunitskiy. Attached to Skyway are a whole bunch of companies bearing the Skyway name.

These companies, including Skyway Capital, Skyway Invest Group and the various Skyway (insert country that doesn’t care about scams here) money laundering companies are all essentially one and the same.

Yunitskiy focuses on being the public face of Skyway, while his Russian/Ukranian underlings manage the attached scams.

Evgeny Kudryashov (right), for example, runs the Skyway Capital. And there’s a separate stooge fronting each of Skyway’s companies.

These companies are usually formed in scam-friendly jurisdictions, where anything other than a “too little too late” regulatory warning is unlikely.

Why this setup? Plausible deniability.

Yunitskiy runs around wooing gullible governments and pretending to run a legit operation. If any of them bother to look into Skyway, a cursory inspection reveals a complicated corporate mess, which Yunitskiy denies having anything to do with.

“Me? I just make flying choo-choo. If someone scam using company name and happen to give me money, is not my problem.

Is like farmer sell potato to supermarket and potato go bad. Farmer’s problem? I think no.”

(Don’t laugh. This is an actual pseudo-compliance argument Skyway came up with a few days ago to explain away their Ponzi scheme.)

Skyway, Skyway Capital and Skyway Invest Group are used interchangeably in this article, because they are literally the same company.

What both Skyway tokens and CryptoUnits have in common is that they are both typical MLM crypto exit-scams.

Tokens don’t exist yet but we know enough about CryptoUnits to spell this out for you.

According to Skyway marketing material, CryptoUnits will be released through their Skyway Invest Group shell company.

For the past year and a bit Skyway Invest Group has been soliciting investment in “sw shares”. That’s all been tossed and now they want people to hand over more money for CryptoUnits.

Skyway’s CryptoUnits’ is a shitcoin the company has yet to launch.

On its own CryptoUnits (CRU) bring nothing new to the cryptocurrency table, serving only as a vehicle for Skyway to continue to commit cryptocurrency fraud through.

Skyway Capital has been around scamming investors for a while now, so there’s a good possibility they’re having trouble keeping banking channels open.

Thus the move to cryptocurrency.

Skyway claim they will generate some 80 billion CryptoUnits, which they’re going to flog off to gullible investors starting at $50.

  • $50 gets you 1100 CryptoUnits
  • $500 gets you 15,000 CryptoUnits
  • $1000 gets you 37,000 CryptoUnits
  • $4400 gets you 198,000 CryptoUnits

Note there seems to be some confusion among Skyway Capital affiliates, as I’ve also seen the following investment tiers:

That investment list tops out at $8000 for 4.96 million CryptoUnits.

Either way, you hand over real money for bullshit tokens Skyway Capital generate on demand.

The marketing behind Skyway’s CryptoUnits is the typical bullshit you’d expect from MLM crypto companies.

So the pitch goes, four years ago some schmuck withdrew $26,000 out of Skyway Capital.

He invested it in something something and turned it into $10.7 million in four years.

Obviously there’s no proof of this provided, yet it’s what Skyway investors were told at a recent Ponzi conference in Malaysia.

At the event Skyway Capital management presented the made up story as proof they generated a 41,281% ROI, equal to about 25% a day.

Not that far off the original 22% daily return bullshit Skyway Capital launched with three or so years ago.

To date nobody in Skyway Capital has been paid 22% a day. Yet on the promise of future riches and recruitment commissions on invested funds, investors, mostly from Europe and Asia, continue to sign up.

For academic purposes, if we entertain Skyway Capital’s made up 41,281% ROI backstory, the ruse today is that Skyway Invest Group is headed up by Igor Romanenko.

Romanenko supposedly has a group of investment specialists under him, blahblahblah the usual MLM crypto Ponzi spiel.

And when it comes to Skyway, what a spiel it is.

Skyway Capital investors are being told the Skyway Invest Group portfolio includes

  • real estate in Russia;
  • Skyway Capital shares (using funds from your Ponzi scheme to reinvest in your Ponzi scheme and calling it a portfolio? Nice.);
  • cryptocurrency;
  • land (seriously);
  • shares in Visa, Mastercard, Twitter, Facebook, Fedex and SberBank (incorrectly cited as “Sperbank”, but when you’re just making this all up does it really matter?);
  • energy;
  • “cash”; and
  • some bullshit gold mine in Ghana

And so Skyway appears to have pivoted away from Russian transport nonsense, to now representing itself as some sort of global investment consortium.


So anyway, this secret totally not made up Skyway Invest Group portfolio is supposedly funding CryptoUnit returns.

And said returns are even more hilarious than the investment claims behind them…

Skyway management, with a straight face mind, are running around telling investors their portfolio will generate annual returns of up to 100,000% in three to sixty months.

With respect to individual Skyway CryptoUnit investors, this has been broken down into a “net profit” return of “5% to 25% after 3 months”.

On the MLM side of things commissions are paid on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates, as well as residual investment via a unilevel team. The more you invest in CryptoUnits, the more unilevel team levels you earn referral commissions on etc. etc.

While there’s plenty of coverage of Skyway Capital’s bullshit CryptoUnit investment claims however, strangely enough I couldn’t find specifics for their MLM opportunity.

But I mean who cares. Invest in CryptoUnits and take home a 25% ROI every 3 months.

Anything you make recruiting gullible saps into Skyway is gravy, right?

As to Skyway tokens, they seem to have been shelved until… oh I dunno, probably around the time CryptoUnits starts to stall.

Oh and if you’ve already invested on the belief Skyway Capital was going to magically generate infinity money, something something we signed some toilet paper documents in Dubai, sorry for your loss.

Don’t fret though. If you were dumb enough to fall for the original monorail pitch, Skyway Capital has a new end-game vision for you to believe in.

The SpaceWay program can also be commercial and very profitable and this is why the goal of the CryptoUnit Project is to unite over 35% of people on the planet to bring to reality from 2020 to 2065.

This will provide a foundation for development for centuries to come for our children, grandchildren and descendants, who will feel today’s development in all future times.


For reals though, shout out to Russia for making Skyway Capital one of the most hilarious Ponzi schemes I’ve had the pleasure of covering.

The bullshit Anatoly Yunitskiy and the gang come up with is just… *mwah*

Step aside Mavrodi, you’ve been dethroned. This is scam popcorn comedy at its finest.


Update 6th September 2021 – The “clarification” referenced at the start of this article originally linked to a “skyway token” page on Skyway’s RSW System’s website.

As at the time of this update that page has been deleted. As such I’ve removed the previously accessible link.


Update 23rd August 2022 – Skyway Capital has deleted Anatoly Yunitsky’s “I’m a potato farmer” video from YouTube.

The video is still referenced in the article bu the previously accessible link has been disabled.