Rather than comply with an order directing him to follow several monetary and asset surrender orders, Jacques Poujade has filed an appeal.

Poujade is appealing an October 29th order, which imposes monetary fines running into tens of thousands for non-compliance.

In addition to his appeal Poujade (right) also filed a November 22nd motion requesting the court reverse its previous contempt order.

In their objection to Poujade’s motion, the FTC frames Poujade’s motion as an

eleventh hour desperate attempt to keep documents and communications from the FTC, materials that would almost certainly lay bare Jacques Poujade and Jason Cardiff’s utter contempt for this Court’s TRO.

If Poujade is granted his modification request or a stay, he will not need to comply with the contempt order.

Poujade’s appeal was filed on November 27th, with a decision on his modification/stay order pending.

The FTC maintains that either way,

Mr. Poujade is unlikely to succeed on the merits.

Stay tuned…


Update 22nd December 2019 – Jacques Poujade’s motion for reconsideration or an alternative stay has been denied.