Jacques Poujade’s attempt to reverse an order directing him to surrender money and assets has been denied.

According to the FTC, Poujade’s motions were an ‘eleventh hour desperate attempt to keep documents and communications from the‘ regulator.

Some of these documents were retrieved from Jason Cardiff’s phone, and reveal ongoing communication between Poujade and the Cardiffs.

The FTC states there has been attempts by the parties to delete the communications.

In light of his separately filed appeal, the court denied Poujade’s motion for reconsideration as moot.

Poujade’s arguments for an alternative stay were also rejected.

Accordingly both of Poujade’s motion were denied. The appeal is still yet to play but I don’t like his chances.

The balance of equities does not tip in Mr. Poujade’s favor. The Court found him to be “totally unbelievable” and intertwined with Defendants’ fraud.

The public interest lies in uncovering the extent of Defendants’ fraud and seizing as much of their assets as possible for restitution to the victims, and cessation of fraud on the public.

Allowing (Poujade) to escape expedited discovery hampers the FTC’s ability to discover quickly Defendants’ assets and investigate the extent of their fraud.

Being seen to actively try to hide information from the FTC is never a good look.