In an attempt to create usability for Quaestor coins, back in February Quaestor Solutions owner Svend Rasmussen came up with “Quaestor Fight Night”.

Earlier this month Rasmussen’s plans came crashing down, following public revelation his partner is a convicted serial rapist and fraudster.


In a February 22nd Facebook post announcing “cooperation with new Danish boxing promoter Peder Forsman”, Rasmussen (right) explained;

As many of you probably have had a little with, I have made my own crypto currency, called QST (Quaestor), and for a crypto currency to have its justification, there must be a usability.

We do this with our first major product, Boxing streaming to the whole world, where you can see cheaper streaming of our boxing matches by paying with our own currency.

We have entered into the partnership with Peder, who for many years has been very active in boxing for the simple reason that we are convinced that can with us can bring the name Quaestor out into the world.

For the first Quaestor Fight Night event, which runs off on Saturday, Peder has entered into an agreement with Ekstra Bladet about streaming, so that YOU can actually watch with at home from your living room from 20.30, when the 5 professional matches start.

Supposedly Rasmussen is fond of professional boxing and, according to a source, has been “spending money on sponsorships of boxers and boxing events”.

There are two main promoters operating in Denmark at the moment: Sauerland Event and Danish Fight Night.

Svend Rasmussen however wants to build up something new and aligned himself with his friend and boxing manager Peder Forsman, who was supposed to be the formal promotor of the project.

They quickly signed the currently most famous boxer of Denmark, Patrick Nielsen (although he is on the decline) and also signed less known fighters like Abdul Khattab, Mikkel Nielsen, Oliver Møllenberg, Mahdi Jallaw and Alicia Holzken.

Quaestor is both the event sponsor and have sponsorship deals with all of the fighters mentioned above.

On February 23rd Rasmussen held his first Quaestor Fight Night event.

According to our source

it was pure trash, because the main event fighter wouldn’t be ready until their second event on May 25.

It was streamed through a newspaper website, so it wasn’t really a PPV-product you could buy through Quaestor anyway – only through the newspaper website.

Following the first Quaestor Fight Night event, Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet took a closer look into Peder Forsman’s past.

They uncovered Forsman was a convicted rapist.

According to Ekstra Bladet, Forsman was convicted of raping seven women in 2005. In addition to rape, Forsman was also convicted on three counts of fraud.

Subsequently Forsman was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Well OK Oz, this all happened years ago. What has Forsman’s rapey past got to do with Quaestor Fight Night fourteen years later?

Turns out Forsman didn’t disclose any of his past in his boxing manager’s license application a few years ago. He again failed to disclose his past when he applied and received a promoting license a few months ago.

According to rules laid out by the Danish Professional Boxing Federation, manager and promotional licensees can’t have a criminal past.

Subsequently Forsman’s boxing licenses were revoked, prompting him to pull the plug on Forsman Sports Management last Saturday night.

At the time of publication Svend Rassmussen hasn’t addressed the Forsman developments publicly.

The Quaestor Fight Night Facebook page hasn’t been updated since March 2nd.

For now at least, plans to launder Quaestor Solutions funds through boxing appear to be on hold.

Gotta love the MLM cryptocurrency space though;

Hey guys, we’ve launched our altcoin and people are investing… anyone got any ideas for usability?