Quaestor Solutions is demanding its existing affiliates recruit new investors, failing which the company has threatened to stop paying.

In a very cult-like email, Quaestor Solutions CEO Svend Rasmussen has called on affiliates to demonstrate “their commitment to the Quaestor [sic]”.

Unfortunately, after reviewing, our lawyers have noticed that many people have bought a living by introducing passive people to the business, people who have no interest in the business.

If you have introduced 5 or more people who have not even used the products, the lawyers consider it to be a purchase of additional income. Both for your Affiliates and for you.

The Affiliates that you have introduced must actively participate in the business by either building a team and / or use our products.

What “products” Rasmussen (right) is talking about is unclear.

Quaestor Solutions’ business model sees affiliates invest in 2000 euro “master node” positions.

Each master node position receives a daily ROI in Quaestor Coin.

Quaestor Coin is a scamcoin created by Quaestor Solutions. It has no value outside of the company itself – and even then currently cannot be converted to real money.

On the MLM side of things Quaestor Solutions affiliates are paid to recruit new investors.

As per Rasmussen’s email, if Quaestor Solutions affiliates don’t recruit new investors the company

will stop paying the Master node rewards on your free coins for the amount of completely inactive signed Affiliates.

By “inactive” Rasmussen means affiliates who’ve stopped paying monthly fees.

What makes Rasmussen’s demands somewhat ironic is that he himself pitched Quaestor Solutions as requiring no recruitment.

What should be obvious to anyone is that without a constant injection of newly invested funds, Quaestor Solutions has no money to squirrel away.

What is the world coming to when MLM underbelly admins aren’t getting paid…