A report covering deportation of criminal from Ghana has revealed QNet “employees” are among those deported.

According to an August 7th Daily Guide Network report, fifty-two “expatriate employed of Q-Net” were recently deported for not having resident permits.

The nationality of the Q-Net scammers was not disclosed.

The QNet deportations appear to be part of a crackdown on crime in Ghana, along with counterfeit money operations and prostitution.

QNet’s MLM opportunity sees affiliates sign up and purchase products to qualify for commissions.

Commissions are earned when QNet affiliates recruit new affiliates who do the same.

Owing to the need for constant yet inevitably unsustainable recruitment, this business model is known as a product-based pyramid scheme.

At the time of publication QNet appears to be making inroads into Africa. Alexa currently counts Algeria and Tanzania in the top three sources of traffic to QNet’s website.


Update 4th November 2022 – Following a regulatory enforcement action against the company, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.