Aleksey Muratov’s Prizm and Roy Club Ponzi schemes have collapsed.

Both the Prizm and Roy Club websites have been pulled. Muratov continues to string PRIZM investors along with “Prizm Space”.

At time of publication the Prizm Ponzi’s original domain (“”), has expired.

WHOIS records suggest the domain was abandoned and expired on or around May 7th.

Muratov’s Prizm reboot, Roy Club, is configured to block access to all web visitors.

We can plot Prizm’s collapse around mid April, marked by a final pump and dump.

PZM’s daily manipulated trading volume range dropped from ~$500 to over $2 million, to a daily average of just a few thousand dollars.

Roy Club saw the launch of a UMI shitcoin. I don’t think Roy Club’s UMI was ever publicly tradeable, so that’s probably just been quietly abandoned internally.

Muratov appears to still be stringing Prizm investors (now PZM bagholders) along through Prizm Space.

Not really sure why he’s bothering, as it’s unlikely foreign investors are going to be able to come after him in Russia.

Muratov’s ties to Donetsk might also make it difficult for Russian authorities to take action internally. Ukraine certainly isn’t in any shape to be policing Ponzi schemes at the moment.

Website traffic to Prizm’s original website domain is too low to be tracked (the domain is disabled in any case).

SimilarWeb reports the majority of visits to Prizm Space are from Russia (22%, down 31% month on month), Ukraine (16%, down 14% month on month), Lithuania (15%, up 91%), Australia (14%) and Kazakhstan (7%).

Aside from new victims being recruited in Lithuania, Prizm has come to a standstill.

Roy Club victims are mostly from Argentina (58%), Russia (22%, down 40% month on month), the US (9%), Belarus (6%) and Ukraine (3%, down 40% month on month).