Over the last few days there has been a hurricane of activity over at the Whirlpool broadband forums. The thread titled ‘Six Figure Chicks’ has received numerous spam entries and marketing spiel from Liberty League associates.

Despite numerous requests and active engaging with the associates by the Whirlpool community, to date nothing has been posted which remotely explains the Liberty League concept. Instead the thread has simply been flooded with the same vague positivism we’ve seen here on OzSoapbox by various associates.

The posts started to flood in over Friday morning and although several blatant spam attempts have been removed, there’s still plenty of hilarious material left by the associates over at Six Figure Chicks.

As far as I was concerned at the beginning I was VERY sceptical, cynical and wary… I did my due diligence… like any smart business person – as I already own & run another two companies. I took a leap of faith and joined – because it’s NOT MLM – and the structure and compensation system is NOT like an MLM… And, I knew – because I had been invovled in various MLMs over the past 5 years.

At the end of the day, most people who listen to the masses stay with the masses and the masses are mediocre and so are their results that’s why they form the masses… Anyone who achieves ANYTHING worthwhile in the sports, performance arts, sciences, and in business KNOWS that they MUST do what the masses aren’t prepared to do…

Right, so a smart business person who has been involved in various MLM’s for the past years and who apparently runs two additional businesses is wholeheartedly recommending Six Figure Chicks. Oh wow sign me up!

I’ll tell you one thing the masses aren’t prepared to do, rip off their fellow Australians.

The people in Six Figure Chicks are real and their business is legit. Each persona has their own businesses within a large multi-national company that concentrates on helping people make major change in their lives, through personal development.

All information is provided free after an initial interview and there is no hard sell.

Why do I need to have an interview for you to explain to me what the hell your company is about?! Imagine walking into McDonalds asking what they sold and being directed to an interview room!

The scripts you refer to are a training aid, as people from all walks of life start their businesses, and not all are confident when talking on the phone. These are not tightly scripted

So I’m supposed to buy personal development material from people who are not confident talking on the phone? Gee I can’t wait to be mentored by these people, if they’ve used your personal development products and can’t talk over the phone clearly the products work.

Once you become qualified, ( passing up two training sales) no future income is passed up.

Outright lies. Once you’ve qualified to sell Beyond Freedom you’ve got to pass up 5 conference sales to qualify again or 4 if you buy a ticket yourself. True you can buy your own ticket and do nothing till your advisor has sold four tickets and qualify yourself but really, success through sitting around doing nothing? Not likely.

Is responding to misinformed comments initiated by others seen as dishonest? My integrity is in tack, I have made NO false statements, I have merely given my personal point of view.

As shown above clearly false statements are being made. I’m not sure what she’s tacking her integrity to.

This IS a legit business, approved by the ACCC in Australia, (also has a TripleA Rating with Dunn & Bradstreet).

Any one of the Six Figure Chicks will personally conduct an interview via telephone in order to establish if you are serious or just a tyre kicker…..They THEN provide you with all the information about the company, products, how you make profit etc.

and what’s refreshing is there is NO convincing by them! Either “you get it” or “you don’t” and they dont try to convince you one way or the other.

Again, why do I have to go through some interview process just to find out what Six Figure Chicks is about? How am I supposed to show you I ‘get’ something you won’t tell me anything about until after I’ve ‘got’ it?

It’s also worth noting that the ACCC doesn’t offer approvals to businesses or any type of certification. No idea who Dunn and Bradstreet are either.

MY GOODNESS! I have never subscribed to a forum/post like this & reading these incredidbly DUMB & NEGATIVE comments by dream stealers & naysayers, now I understand why! I will be deleting my WHIRLPOOL membership immediately.

Oh no, really? Gee that’s a shame. We’ll miss you.

ME? I’m out of here -NEVER to return. My integrity is intact, and will remain so.
Whirlpool – your forums are created by the same negative energy that creates Sunamis (sic) – I wont be a member any longer & would NEVER recommend Whirlpool as a place to visit.

Everybody knows public community forums rely on the recommendation of scammers to survive and thrive. I imagine Whirlpool now proceed to go bankrupt and dissapear off the face of the Earth now that you’ve pulled your support. Please come back.

Re-occuring theme here, Liberty League Associates seem to be lacking in the spelling department.

I can’t believe all the stuff I read on this site! I saw Six Figure Chicks advertised on TV and went to their website. I filled in my details and within a few hours a lady called Sheryl called me back. She asked me a few simple questions and then provided all the information on this business to me for free!!!!

So… uh care to share what you learnt?

*crickets chirping*

Thought so.

Despite over 400 posts in the thread and 9000+ views not one of the associates has been able to simply explain the concept.

Today at 5:15pm a user posting under ‘SixFigureChick’ made the following threat:

Dont beleive the hype on this forum! These people posting are from the competition and they are jealous of the success of Six Figure Chicks. Or they have joined our company and feel they have to blame everyone except themselves for their own failure.

Dont buy into their crap. Do yourself a favour and make an inquiry and do your own homework. Our company is totally compliant with ACCC. There are so many of us that have experienced fabulous incomes and results from the product mix.

Dont listen to the garbage posted on this forum. We have officially asked it to be removed and the matter has been taken further.

So apart from accusing the Whirlpool forum userbase as being from Liberty League’s competition and writing off anyone who doesn’t make money with the company (all 85% of active associates) as personal failures, SixFigureChick has also implied that action is to be taken against Whirlpool.

In response to the matter being taken further, all personal (and once publicly accessible) information has since been removed from the thread.

If it’s anything like the threats I received the owner of Whirlpool can expect several emails threatening legal action, the Australian Federal Police, accusations you belong to Liberty League’s competition and that people are ‘watching you so be careful’.

Currently the Whirlpool thread appears as the second result in a google search for ‘Six Figure Chicks’ and it’s clear a hornets nest is being stirred as more and more people find out the truth about this company.