Six figure incomes, seven figure incomes?! How the hell are these associates making so much money?!

As a new or prospective associate you’ve probably asked yourself this a few times. You might have even raised these queries during your signup period only to be told by your advisor they currently weren’t earning six figures but were “on target for a six figure income”, or if they were successful it was due to totally embracing the lifestyle liberty league has to offer.

Anyone with half a brain isn’t going to be satisfied by these vague answers.

Today I plan to show you exactly how it’s done. No marketing spin, no vagueness and no I’m not trying to sell you an alternative program or my own get rich quick scheme.

One of the biggest selling points you’ve probably noticed if you’ve read the sales material or dozens of Unified Wealth Solutions sales pages out there is the emphasis that Liberty League is not a MLM or pyramid scheme.

I’m not going to straight up tell you that it is, instead I’m going to present to you the income structure of the top earners and let you decide for yourself.

1. Beyond Freedom Qualification

When you join Liberty League International you are placed under an advisor and are listed on their Beyond Freedom sales register.

From here your main objective is then to qualify yourself as an advisor which then entitles you to start turning over a profit.

To qualify you have two options;

  • Make five direct sales of Beyond Freedom (US$1495) yourself or
  • Purchase Beyond Freedom yourself and make two further sales of Beyond Freedom. Note that sales count whether your advisor makes them or you yourself do. This is known as ‘Team Qualification’.

The first obvious question here is that if you don’t commit yourself and buy Beyond Freedom, how on earth are you going to sell it? Imagine trying to sell a car without ever having driven one or being a sales rep for a company having never used their products.

As you can see Liberty League has setup the qualifying process to encourage you to purchase the product yourself. Once you’ve invested financially into the company you’re more likely to continue.

Whichever qualifying method you choose, all your sales profits ($1000 per sale of Beyond Freedom) are passed up to your advisor.

The chart below shows how the Beyond Freedom sales register works for your advisor. Note that after qualifying (minimum of $2000 passed up), associates are struck from the register and the people they referred (2 if they bought Beyond Freedom and 5 if they didn’t) move up the register directly under the advisor.

For the sake of simplicity I’ve left the qualified associates on the chart and shown the passed up sales revenue in green.

This chart operates on the minimum sales (2) required to qualify, any advisors who don’t purchase the product will generate even more revenue for their advisor. I’ve only done 4 layers in the chart but potentially it just keeps on going.

If you got into Liberty League in Australia first and have been doing it for two years imagine how big your sales register might be. This gives you an idea of where the six figure incomes come from.

Each associate, like yourself, that your advisor recruits is capable of creating a unique tentacle revenue stream like the above.

It’s also worth noting that if you turn your head to the left, what does the image look like to you? Keep in mind I haven’t manipulated the data in any way, this just happens to be how the money is made.

2. Making it on your own

Once you’ve qualified and made your sales you are then struck off your advisor’s sales register and sent out to make your own register.

Any people you referred to the program stay on your advisor’s sales register and you are barred from making any money off them.

That’s right, upon qualifying your are required to start from scratch.

One of my readers, Jenny highlights the problem with this;

Big problem for me was, after making my first $1000 profit sale, my advisor (who had made $US8000 profit from me) told the associates I’d introduced (who she was also Summit Advisor too) that she wouldn’t do their 3-way calls as I was capable of doing them. And what a story I had to tell… been in the business 4 months, spent $10,000, and made $1,000.

Once you’ve made the initial Beyond Freedom qualification, all of a sudden your advisor doesn’t want to know you until you’re ready to qualify again. This is quite disturbing as you’ll see in the next section there’s still a lot of profit to be made off you from your advisor.

3. Liberty Conference qualification

So you’re trying to build your own Beyond Freedom sales register and decide you want to go to the next step, Liberty advisor. Liberty advisors are able to sell the Liberty 3 day conference which retails for US$7995 ($5000 profit).

The bad news is that you go onto your advisor’s Liberty sales register to qualify. Once again there are two ways to qualify;

  • Purchase your own Liberty Conference ticket and share team qualification with your advisor. Four sales need to be made after you’re original purchase between you and your advisor.
  • Directly sell yourself five tickets to a Liberty conference. The profits of these sales ($25,000) are entirely passed onto your advisor.

Once again the same dilemma arises of attempting to sell a product you yourself haven’t experienced so most associates will opt to buy a ticket themselves and qualify under option 1.

At this point the same process is repeated and once qualified you are struck from your advisor’s sales register and required to start building your own liberty sales list. Any referrals you made while qualifying remain on your advisor’s Liberty register.

The chart below might help in making things clearer.

What’s interesting to note is that whilst Beyond Freedom has a relatively low entry point price tag and qualification number (2 minimum), the Liberty conference on the other hand requires a minimum of five sales no matter which qualification option you choose.

Again I’ve only covered three layers (my chart skills are kind of crap) but potentially this tentacle stream of money can keep on going. Well as long as there’s still new recruits committing to the company anyway.

The price tag of the Liberty conference is higher and this is the start of the base of the six figure salaries you’ve heard so much about. The next level up is the Summit Conference which has it’s own qualifiying process and yields even more revenue for your advisor.

The Liberty conference is also a much more easier product to sell as it’s easier to convince someone to part with additional money on the promise of your own revenue stream, once they’ve already heavily invested themselves into the business.

4. Making sense of it all

As you can see in the charts I’ve provided, whoever is at the top of the sales register makes the most money. Not unlike a the common name of a certain type of well known and often illegal scheme that continually seems to be re-inventing itself.

Further to that during the various stages of qualification money is passed up to your advisor and you must pass up sales. Or in other words:

The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduced to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

This is taken from Wikipedia’s entry on Multi Level Marketing.

If you joined Liberty League today it’ll be at least a few months before you made the various qualifications and started to build your own successful sales registers. Now imagine if you started two years ago, which nearly all of the top associates in Australia did.

Two years ago Liberty League was unknown in Australia and as such new to the market. These days there are a few associate cartels out there who have succesfully cornered the Australian Liberty League market.

The tentacle sales model benefits them greatly as they got in first and as such it’s no surprise they are making six figure salaries. As a new associate joining today though ask yourself, with the money these people are making just how long do you think their sales lists must be?

With so many people trying to market the product to a fixed market size (there’s only so many people in Australia) how long is this going to be sustainable for? How are you going to compete in a saturated marketplace against competitors who have had a 2 year head start?

Only you can answer these questions. If after reading all of the above there’s an uneasy pit in the bottom of your stomach you’re not alone. Think long and hard before you sign up to this business model. Look past the glitz of the conferences, the sales pitches and the overly positive conference calls.

At the heart of Liberty League is money which can only be provided from external sources, ie. people with other income streams investing money into Liberty League to keep it afloat. The company itself doesn’t produce a tangible product or something that has any demand beyond those investing in the company with their own funds.

Without continous new recruitment and injection of funds, associates don’t turn over a profit. All that is happening here is the transition of your invested money to someone higher in the company (your advisor, their advisor and so forth).

If you’re lucky (and the odds are stacked against you) you’ll one day be in a position where you’ll have people under you passing up their hard earned money to you.

Does that sound like a sustainable and ethical business model to you?

Look at the hard facts before making a decision that could ruin your life.