optimism-guyAs a new Liberty League Associate you’re full of optimism and ready to change the world. Your leader has just handed you the keys to your life and there’s absolutely nothing between you and success.

If you’re lucky you haven’t invested any money into the company itself beyond the $49.95 starter pack and now after listening to a few conference calls you’re probably wondering where to from here? How do I get my business out there?

Based on what I found over at the social network forum ‘Liberty League Life‘ I decided to have a look at four of the most common marketing strategies new associates were inquiring about.

Using a realistic approach analysis of these advertising forms and applying them to the Liberty League model the conclusion isn’t all that good. Sure it sounds great on paper but when you’re lost in the hype it’s easy to over look some basic facts that are going to be giant roadblocks in getting your business out there.

junk-mail-flyers1. Flyers

Flyers were by far the most discussed form of advertising on Liberty League Life. They are relatively cheap to make up, you can print them off and distribute them yourself and at the end of the day you feel like you’ve done a hard days work.

Let’s be real though, they are junk mail and honestly when was the last time you read or took junk mail seriously?

Despite not living near any large shopping centre I’m constantly going straight to the bin after checking the letter box with pamphlets and flyers for all sorts of crap. I don’t read any of it.

Let’s suspend normal human behaviour when it comes to unsolicited advertising for a second though and pretend success rates weren’t <1% or less for mail distributed flyers. Apart from not getting insta-binned, the next biggest challenge of a mail flyer is getting read and this all depends on your headline.

Liberty League is all about getting people’s interest without revealing what it is you’re selling until you’ve got them interested. Nobody is going to read a flyer that headlines;


So how are you going to grab people’s attention? Here are some points to think about;

  • You can’t mention your products. Liberty League conferences won’t sell at their exorbitant prices until you’ve got someone hooked on the idea it’s not a scam.
  • If you were recruited in your local area you’re already competing against whoever recruited you. On top of that you’re also competing against any other recruits who might have signed up. People aren’t so naive to think every new flyer they get on some ‘amazing home based business’ is completely different and revolutionary from the last ten flyers they got.
  • All you have to market is the promise of a successful business. You don’t have that yet so how are you going to sell it to others?

There’s only so many ways you can rewrite ‘make money by selling people conferences!’ and any mention of easy money or home business usually screams scam.

The fact is Liberty League’s vague advertising model works against you.

Worse still if your local area has already been infested with Liberty League flyers from other associates, most likely people have wised up and your flyer is headed straight for the bin.

Think about this before you run off to the local printer to order 5,000 A5 flyers.

2. A marketing website

From what I gather most associates are required or heavily encouraged to use a Unified Wealth Solutions inhouse marketing website to promote their business. Unified Wealth Solutions are run by “top earners from Liberty League International” and will set you back US$ 35 a month.

There are thousands of websites under Unified Wealth Solutions all using the same cookie cutter template and pushing the same conference products.

Google hates marketing websites and will trash your site on search rank listings so it’s not like your marketing website is ever going to be number 1 for a search on ‘liberty league international’.

Again you’re presented with the same problem as fliers except on the global scale of the internet. How do you differentiate your vague sales pitch from the thousands of others out there?

The answer is you can’t.

For this reason some of the top earners in Australia have rebranded Liberty League International under their own brands, such as SixFigureChicks, UXL, freedom-4-u and nowucan2 etc.

Behind these custom websites though are expensive marketing campaigns to direct people to them.

As a new associate are you going to be able to compete? Make no mistake the Australian online marketing presence for Liberty League is cornered between the Brisbane’s TeamDownUnder syndicate and there’s no room for newcomers.

Your new cookie cutter marketing website will just drift to the bottom of the internet swamp with all the other unvisited marketing websites out there.

bandit-signs3. Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are those little homemade jobs you see littering the streets of our suburbs. They can be professionally printed or something as ugly as texta scribble tied to a fence.

Firstly these signs are illegal in Australia and many councils actively remove them. Here’s a PDF media release from Liverpool council in New South Wales that mentions in April, 2009 one business owner was fined $40,000 for placing illegal signs in the area.

Given you’ve got to have a way for readers to contact you, you’re going to either have an email address, phone number or website listed. It won’t take long for an interested party to track you down if they wanted to; can you really afford a possible $40,000 fine?

Secondly once again your presented with the same restrictions of trying to make your ad stand out from the crowd within the same restrictions of not explaining what it is you’re selling or how the business model works. Only on a bandit sign you’ve got even less room to do it.

word-of-mouth4. Word of mouth

Typically when someone starts going on about a ‘great monkey making opportunity’ or ‘home based business with a great lifestyle’ in a conversation most people tune out. Be warned, if you try to sell your business to your friends and family you’re going to have to painfully watch them start to avoid you.

Sure your leader associate might tell you that you don’t need them and they just don’t get it but the reality is they’re worried and what you’re trying to sell them as set off their scam warning signals. So why hasn’t it set off yours?

Word of mouth is an incredibly hard sell and more so when you haven’t achieved success yourself. The obvious question is going to be ‘so how much money have you made so far?’ and well, as a new associate you know what the answer to that is don’t you.

5. Television campaigns

Whilst more then likely out of reach for the new associate I decided to include television campaigns due to their increasing use by some of first sellers of Liberty League International in Australia.

With monthly profits of over $200,000 after hitting the Australian market first with the Liberty League scheme these mostly Brisbane players have capital to spend on glossy advertising campaigns. You might have seen during the day after Oprah or late at night mixed in with the phone sex ads, they screen daily on free to air and cable television.


As a new associate this is the level of saturation and marketing your up against. Sure flyers, a website and bandit signs might have worked when nobody had heard of Liberty League in Australia but heading towards the fourth quarter of 2009 these methods just aren’t going to cut it.

Your competition, the people that signed you up and got in first a few years back, have bigger budgets, larger market penetration and the selling point that they really are making the big bucks off new associates like yourself.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the positivism and energy that goes on in conference calls, monthly meetings and annual conferences but at the end of the day you’ve still got to get your business out there to make the sales.

Imagine if every local McDonalds in your area started advertising their food independently via the above advertising methods. They all sell the same products at the same price so why would you visit a particular store based off their advertising?

The answer is you wouldn’t and it’s the same for Liberty League. As a new associate think long and hard before committing thousands to your advertising strategies, they might have worked a few years ago but it’s a very different highly competitive field today.

It’s never too late to cut your losses and move on.